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Spring Break is finally approaching! Spring break is a week away! Time to sit back, relax, go back home and be with family or take trips. Spring Break is known for being the time of year for being a fun time to travel for college students. More people are starting to take trips, wanting to […]

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to sit down with your favorite celebrities, The Hollywood Reporter has a series that would definitely be of interest to you. THR’s Roundtable hosts actors, actresses, writers, producers and directors from the leading films and television series of our time to open conversation among them. With an interviewer posing […]

In the past few months, a plethora of new alternative music has been released. The holidays and the new year have made it hard to keep up. In the past few weeks alone, new artists have taken the new year as an initiative to release new music. Here’s what you might have missed: “Harmony Hall” […]

Can we go ahead and agree that Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday? Did the world really have to come up with a holiday that forced people to be kind/pay attention to their significant other? Is that what we have stooped to? Valentine’s Day has allowed people to become lazy. It’s not like Christmas or […]

Apex Legends, refreshingly, delivers on its promises In an era where pre-ordering a game is downright dangerous and consumers have lost faith in developers’ integrity, it is a relief to see a game that is released as the full package. Many games today, including Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, and many more, are released as […]