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This post will contain spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8. If you aren’t all caught up, feel free to skip this post. Game of Thrones has slowly been getting worse. For most fans who have followed the series from the beginning, or even read the books, this isn’t much of a surprise. The early […]

Every food blog and culinary influencer has a video touting “easy college cooking hacks,” but how many of those recipes are really applicable to college life? Most college students, especially freshman and sophomores, live on campus in dorms, which come with a whole list of challenges and limitations, culinary or not. What a lot of […]

A few months back, news began to circulate that a small New Jersey high school’s drama club had begun to adapt the sci-fi movie “Alien” into a live play. Using recycled materials and raising the funds to pay for the production themselves, North Bergen High School soon began to see rave reviews for their adaptation. […]

No, not that kind. Get your head out of the gutter! I’m talking about the kind that builds fantastical worlds, coerces hapless adventurers into fighting dragons and portrays every tavern owner in every town in every realm in existence. If you play Dungeons & Dragons, you’ve likely encountered a variety of different dungeon masters in […] Jorinda and Joringel This one starts off just like Hansel and Gretel…but instead, people are turned into birds? This story is like many other tales from the Brothers Grimm, telling the tales of love, quest and the battle of good versus evil. In a castle in the woods, a witch lives who turns women […]