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An account from all areas of life Brick by brick, a house is made, but it’s the human element which makes it a home. There’s no distinct or succinct way of describing “home” because, from all areas of life, someone has their own definition. According to an online survey, here is what “home” means to […]

The show begins with iPhone footage of a blond woman wearing a tattered dress running across a highway and then jumping from a bridge. It cuts to black and the woman wakes up in the hospital with bruises on her feet. Her nurses tell her that she was lucky to survive and ask the woman […]

It’s Dark Souls meets early 90’s neo-futuristic anime. It’s a slap in the face followed by a kiss on the lips. It’s gross, it’s gritty, it’s niche, it’s a little confusing, but it’s aggressively playful and unapologetically original and just so punk rock–and unapologetic is really the best way to describe it. Let It Die […]

The Twilight Zone originally aired in 1958 as an anthology series that told a different story every episode surrounding unusual science-fiction, paranormal, fantasy and horror-based events. The original show was known for its unexpected endings with each episode teaching the audience about their morality. Known for the iconic theme song and Rod Sterling’s presentation of […]