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Have you ever wanted to possess a T-Rex and obliterate a semi-destructible environment for monetary gain and sick achievement status? Thanks to one weird little ghost cap, now you can. Well, actually, Mario can. Everyone’s favorite plumber made his first sandbox debut back in 2017 with Super Mario Odyssey, a 3D platformer with open world […]

Soccer, or football in the rest of the world, is not one of the most popular sports in America. When you are gifted with major league and collegiate teams in football (American), hockey, baseball and basketball, it is easy to forget about the world’s favorite sport. Once every four years, though, we are given a […]

Ah, shopping. Americas’ favorite pastime. Loved, and hated, by millions of people around the world, but a necessary evil in our modern, civilized world. If you’ve ever walked through a mall, you’ve likely seen about a thousand mannequins in windows and displays, flaunting the latest amalgam of fabric and stitching to cover your body. If […]