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Escape to the lake house We’ve seen the Instagram posts of everyone and their second cousin leaving for up North on Friday afternoon. People want to use their boats while they still can and it’s a perfect way to get a last-minute September tan! Make your favorite summer meals A Caprese salad or homemade popsicle […]

Meat, Cheese and More The perfect addition to any brunch, night out with friends or basically any meal is a charcuterie board. The meats, cheeses and sweet accessories combine to create a respectable version of playing with your food. Take a look at these pictures to see the stages of plating a charcuterie board, which […]

“Phone eats first!” Have you ever heard that statement before? Did it crawl up under your skin and pounce on any nerve it could latch onto? Or, perhaps, did you shout, “Yes! Add that filter! Tag the restaurant in your Insta story!”  Well, whichever side you would defend in a food fight, it is safe […]

Organization stands as an advocate and fighter for change In an age where women are making strides professionally, socially and economically, Michigan Women Forward is the perfect organization to set an example for future philanthropy inspired by the power of women.  Michigan Women Forward began in 1986, thanks to Mary Jo Pulte and her recognition […]