10-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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You have every right to be skeptical; I was, too when I first started the challenge. I ‘ll say that right off the bat. Usually, challenges found on the internet aren’t scientifically proven or consulted by a nutritionist. It’s an Instagrammer, or a Pinterest-er, who mixes together something green with something fruity and then voila! This isn’t that case. J.J. Smith released a book, “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse,” detailing the process and explaining the importance of each ingredient being mixed. Side note: don’t use lettuce. Don’t ever use lettuce. It’s a trick; just because it’s green, doesn’t mean it has any benefiting qualities.

This challenge is meant to be a detox; it’s not to starve ourselves. We are to constantly eat and be doing some form of exercises, such as walking or yoga. Honestly, the whole time I did this challenge, I was full. I’ll get around to more of that later, though.

The only reason I participated was because a group of us were going to take on the challenge together. There’d be support and a competitive reason fueling my determination. Anyone who follows my work, knows I’m a very, very, very competitive person; So are the girls I joined the challenge with. We read through Smith’s Green Smoothie challenge booklet and prepared. We officially began on Thursday, March 21, and the last day was on Saturday, March 30.

To start, I went grocery shopping. I only bought for the first five days since I bought fresh fruit and vegetables, instead of frozen; in my shopping cart was ground flaxseed (to help with digestion), mangos, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, banana peppers (to snack), a bag of apples, peanut butter, boxes of organic baby kale, lettuce and spinach. The total came out to be around $50.

That night, I began meal prepping. With a box full of Tupperware, I might as well utilize them. I cut up all the apples, mango and the strawberries. I went to make my first day’s smoothie…and then realized I only had an Oster single-serve blender; never been used. The ingredients, according to the recipe, required a big blender. I resorted to strategically using another cup to help mix the ingredients. I combined all the leafy greens with water, then transferred the mix over to the extra cup and then proceeded to blend all the fruits together. (I felt like I was in Potions class at Hogwarts. #RavenclawRepresent).

The first couple of days were the hardest. I was having caffeine withdrawals and slept over eight hours for each of the first three days. I don’t know if this was allowed, but I chewed sugar-free gum to prevent myself from eating outside the dietary restrictions of the challenge. Then my energy started to pick up. I drank more black tea, didn’t have the urge to eat, was always full, woke up singing with the birds and my mood was more positive. To top it off, I started to shed weight even though I was eating like a monster. For snacks, I would have cut up apples and peanut butter, bananas and peanut butter, peppers, hard-boiled eggs and/or vegetable sushi (don’t know if this was allowed, but ya know…).

This whole time, it was extremely helpful to have a support group. We created a group chat to encourage each other and express our doubts to get feedback or encouragement. It was the best part because we would report how we were feeling that day and the temptations we had to overcome. So, if you decide to do this challenge, do it with others and make a group chat. It makes it even more serious.

I went shopping again for the last five days of the challenge, though I ended up getting more than I needed. It totaled around $60.  I actually continued the challenge two extra days to use up the rest of the food before the fruit and greens rotted.

By the end, we were all satisfied with the results. We ate no bread, artificial sugar, meat or any other kind of junk food and my health and energy haven’t been this great in a long while. We’re planning on doing this detox again after Easter because of how much we loved the results. I highly recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to better themselves.


Madison Simmers is a senior studying advertising management and professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. You can always find her tea in hand and ready to take the day head on. If not, she’s binge-watching YouTube videos or watching Cheers.


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