2018’s Most-tweeted-about Super Bowl Commercials

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Every year, the Super Bowl brings with it a slew of uncertainties: Who will win the game? What surprises will the halftime show have in store for us? How many helpings of nachos can I eat before I have to unbutton my pants? But if there’s one thing we can count on for sure, it’s the commercials — and the laughing, crying or confusion they create. With the advent of social media, that conversation gets amplified. We at ing love Super Bowl commercials and social media, so we rounded up some of the most-tweeted-about 2018 Super Bowl commercials so you don’t have to.



Gordon Ramsay yelling at people. Rebel Wilson making people uncomfortable. Cardi B being…Cardi B. Do we need to go on? In this star-studded commercial, Alexa (Amazon’s digital assistant), “loses her voice” and is unable to carry out her assistant duties. To fix this, Amazon employees convince Jeff Bezos that they have some people on deck to fill in. Cue Gordon Ramsay scolding a guy for asking “Alexa” for a grilled cheese recipe and Cardi B dancing to her music instead of answering inquiries (how far away is Mars anyway?!).


Rocket Mortgage

Keegan Michael-Key can pretty much make anything funny, so it should be no surprise he managed to keep our attention during a mortgage lender commercial. In this commercial, he exists to explain things to people. He tells a guy at a fancy restaurant that his “pea protein gluten-free pâté” is just a “burrito filled with plants pretending to be meat.” When a teenage boy is rapping along to “Bounce Back” by Big Sean, Michael-Key interprets the lyrics to the boy’s confused dad (and then Big Sean himself pops in because…why not?). And finally, he hands the Rocket Mortgage app to a confused couple who can’t make heads or tails of what their mortgage broker is telling them. If only Keegan Michael-Key could always be there to explain things to us…


Much to the delight of many Stranger Things fans, David Harbour starred in three Tide commercials that aired throughout the night. In each one, Harbour makes fun of classic Super Bowl-type commercials and interrupts them, claiming that technically, if the actors’ clothes are clean, “Does this make every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad?” I guess it kind of does: Harbour interrupted two more “ads” throughout the night (an “Old Spice” commercial parody and a classic medicine-for-old-people commercial parody) just to remind us all — nope, this is a Tide ad.

Ram Trucks

Every year, there’s sure to be a controversial commercial that gets people talking—but probably not in the way the company wanted. This year, Ram Trucks thought it would be a good idea to use a Martin Luther King Jr. voice-over to sell….trucks. Though their company got the approval of the King Estate, and the commercial was meant to highlight Ram’s recent natural disaster relief efforts, blood drives and community volunteer initiatives, that didn’t stop people from talking. Many still criticized it, saying the ad was a cheap way of using King for sales. And if we know anything from Twitter, if someone doesn’t like something, they’ll make it known.


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