6 Ways To Hold Onto Summer

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  1. Escape to the lake house
    We’ve seen the Instagram posts of everyone and their second cousin leaving for up North on Friday afternoon. People want to use their boats while they still can and it’s a perfect way to get a last-minute September tan!
  2. Make your favorite summer meals
    A Caprese salad or homemade popsicle can bring summer back to life. Treats connect us to memories – especially the good ones. Besides the fact that they taste amazing, you might not want to eat some vanilla soft serve in the middle of December.
  3. Go to an outdoor concert
    Outdoor arenas scream summer! Whether it’s your favorite rapper or country singer, amphitheaters are meant for the sun (and maybe a couple of beers). Dance the warm nights away while they still exist.
  4. Wear the summer outfits that make you feel like a baddie
    Denim cutoffs don’t last all year, darling. Neither do pasties and sandals unless you want frostbite. Use the best of your warm-weather clothes because YA LOOK GOOD HUNNY.
  5. Print out summer photos and put them around your room
    Without posting too much #takemeback mumbo jumbo, having memories in your personal space of all the exciting experiences you had over the summer can keep it alive! That might make you reach out to your study abroad or internship friend who you haven’t seen in a while; it’s a win-win.
  6. Exercise outside
    Hold off on heading to the gym until the weather gets a bit cooler. Yoga at a nearby park would be a fun and breezy change of pace. Running in public is out of the question – understandably – so we won’t go there.

Molly Harmon is a senior Professional Writing student from California hoping to end up in a big city. She loves finding hidden fashion gems, listening to pop culture-esque podcasts, and snapping her fingers at poetry open mic nights. If any of that peaks your interest, you can follow her on Instagram @mollyharmon.