A Black Kid Just Got Charged With Assault For Hitting A White Kid With A Dodge Ball

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In a world full of racial injustice and stupid people, this story may take the cake overall. Cameishi Lindley, a mother from Detroit, received a call recently from the Wayne County Juvenile Court. The reason? Her son, Bryce, was being charged with assault. What kind of assault? Hitting another kid in the face with a dodgeball at school.

The child, whose name was not released, has an unnamed medical condition that causes head injuries to be dangerous. The game of dodgeball, which was described by ABC 7 as “like dodgeball, only the students throw the balls in the air,” left the injured boy with a black eye, bruised nose and a concussion. Scary and serious wounds, especially the concussion, but enough to warrant Aggravated Assault charges?

Bryce and his mother claim they didn’t know that the other child had a condition, and that the hit to the face was an accident. The injured kids mother claims that it was on purpose, but even if it was… why is it the kids fault? We’ve all had dodgeballs thrown at our faces before. It’s what happens to kids. The unnamed child’s mother also claims that this sort of injury has happened twice before, so why was he still allowed to play the game?

If he was being targeted by the other kids, why is it not the fault of the school, or his mother, for allowing him to continue playing a game that put him at risk? Given his medical status, does it not make more sense for a concerned mother to make sure the school board, teachers and principle keep her child away from schoolyard games that could be hazardous to his health?

If the kid throwing the ball wasn’t black, would this even be an issue? The mother of the injured child states that the last two times the children apologized and moved on. So why couldn’t she?

It’s hard to prove racism without knowing the intent behind someone’s actions, but this sure does seem to be an overreaction to a simple accident, and, racist or not, there are people who are far more responsible than a 10 year old black kid. Here’s hoping the school board, and his community, come to his defense.

Should you wish to support Bryce and his legal battle, a fundraiser has been put in place for his legal fees here.

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