A Definitive List of the Best Dorm Lights on Campus

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There’s a lot of debate these days over when is the appropriate time to start listening to Christma—I mean, holiday music. There is no real right or wrong answer for this, but for all you people who insist on blasting Michael Buble’s holiday albums the day after Halloween… you’re wrong. However, if you are a true MSU winter warrior (i.e. walked to an 8am in negative three degrees  wind chill because those i-clicker questions aren’t going to answer themselves), you know that the holiday season does not officially start until you see those gleaming light displays on top of the dorms.  Every winter season those MSU seasonal lights somehow make their way to the top of campus buildings to spread cheer and lift spirits. Now that all the lights are up, it’s time to find out which buildings represents the holiday spirit the best. We’ve definitively ranked them, so take a look up from the icy sidewalks and see if your judgment matches ours.

  1. Wilson- Snowflakes


A winter cliché, and very unrealistic. These snowflakes probably get offended by everything. Pass.

  1. Mason/Abbot- Snowflakes


These lights are almost identical to the  Wilson hall ones….but somehow way better? These babies create a warm glow that makes you want to drink hot chocolate and sing carols instead of study and cry.

  1. McDonel- Waving Snowman


Something about his wave is just so wholesome.

       4. Shaw- “Happy Whatever-Doesn’t-Offend-You-Holiday”


*Insert ambiguous seasonal greeting here* Also, a good example of paraphrasing.

         ….And Snowflakes


Ok these are actually cool, and make the Cata bus station across the street a little less drab.



Finally, a display with a deep message,  now this is the content we can get into. If these doves don’t bring us world peace, then at least may they bring you peace with your final semester grades.  Keep spreading the love, LED doves; we all need a little.

  1. Van Hoosen- The Bear Family


I mean c’mon guys, they’re POLAR BEARS. And not just one but A FAMILY OF POLAR BEARS. (Also, how did the most underrated dorm get one of the coolest displays??)

  1. Holden- Vintage State “S” firework show

Bold. Stunning. Breathtaking. A firework display that rivals the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.


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