Alien: The Play | A unique take on an old classic that we can all finally see

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A few months back, news began to circulate that a small New Jersey high school’s drama club had begun to adapt the sci-fi movie “Alien” into a live play. Using recycled materials and raising the funds to pay for the production themselves, North Bergen High School soon began to see rave reviews for their adaptation. Fans around the country began to take notice. Social media picked up the story and ran with it, and the play went viral.

Calls for encores came, and the high school, paying for this themselves, bemoaned the fact that they didn’t have the money to put on anymore shows. This was a one time event. Instead of the story dying down and being forgotten though, the unthinkable happened. The movies original creators stepped in and gave the reproduction their blessing.

To help pay for the costs of more shows, Ridley Scott, director on the original Alien movie, donated $5,000 to the high school. Soon after that Sigourney Weaver, who played the main character Ellen Ripley, showed up live to one of the performances to meet the cast and watch the show as well.

At first you had to live in or around New Jersey, and be lucky enough to score some tickets, to see the show. Not anymore, though. A full video recording of the production has now appeared on YouTube, and, assuming it doesn’t get taken down immediately, offers a free way for everybody to enjoy the creative student’s production. Though production values are not nearly as high as the original movies 11-million-dollar budget, the sets and costumes are still incredibly detailed and make for some great viewing.

While the play is sure to bring you entertainment though, what is unsure is whether the video will stay up. Though Scott and Weaver have shown the cast and crew their love and support, we can’t forget that 20th Century Fox is a giant corporation with the ability to take the video away at a moment notice. In short: watch it while the watching is good. It’s a heck of a production and well worth the hour and a half run time, especially for something so unique.

You can check out the full video here. Enjoy the show!

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