An Actually Finished Game? | Video Game of the Month: February 2019

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Apex Legends, refreshingly, delivers on its promises

In an era where pre-ordering a game is downright dangerous and consumers have lost faith in developers’ integrity, it is a relief to see a game that is released as the full package. Many games today, including Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, and many more, are released as barely finished shells. While developers have stuck by these titles and put honest work into making them into what they were always meant to be, it is a dangerous precedent to accept this sort of behavior. If consumers allow developers to charge us full price for something that is broken or unfinished, and then forgive them for eventually fixing their mistakes, gamers pretty much surrender all ability to demand a quality product for their money.

These worrying trends are exactly why the videogame of the month for February is the brand-new release, Apex Legends. The game has style, interesting characters, fun and engaging mechanics, and best of all, it all works perfectly right from launch day.

Combining the cast of unique playable champions characteristic of Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch with the incredibly popular battle-royale game mode and a few unique gameplay elements, Apex Legends delivers an experience that is both tried-and-true and refreshing. Respawn Entertainment, the developers that created the Titanfall games bring their special flair to the game. Fans of Titanfall 2 will find the fluid movement and combat that makes those games so fun here, as well as many of the same weapons.

This game combines many successful aspects of other games, but one might justifiably ask, what sets it apart?

  • It feels well polished and is a finished product.
  • Not only is it finished but it doesn’t even ask for your money. The game is free to play, with no pay-to-win aspect, as all in-game purchases are purely for cosmetics or new playable characters.
  • Its characters are diverse. It’s clear the developers had racial representation in mind.
  • The game has a unique gameplay element, different from other battle royale games, in which you can revive dead teammates by recovering their, “banner,” or tag, and bringing it to a respawn point. No longer are players left impatiently waiting for their surviving friends to die. There is always hope for a miraculous comeback.

If you’ve been burned by an expensive empty promise, or have lost all interest in the oversaturated battle royale market, Apex Legends is worth your time. It is rising quickly in popularity for a reason — it’s straight up just a good game.


Logan Ryan is a senior English major studying creative and professional writing. He began his career at MSU as an engineer and still laughs about it sometimes. He enjoys spending time with his fiancée, playing video games, and cold weather. He can usually be found at his desk doing anything but writing, on his bike, or on a hike. You can follow him @roganlyan on Twitter.