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I’m one of those Twitter users who pretty much never tweets. I had my Facebook for friends and family, I decided from the get-go that my Twitter would be a place for me to keep up with people and groups I was interested in. I followed favorite celebrities, content creators, authors, politicians and any others who caught my interest. One thing I hadn’t expected to find, though, was art. I slowly began to see incredible artwork appear on my feed, and as I followed each new artist the quantity and diversity of work increased exponentially. Today the vast majority of the people I follow on Twitter are artists, and I love it.

I am not an artist myself, and so I never really thought to seek out art communities online. I knew about DeviantArt and other similar sites but never spent much time on them. I was missing out. Luckily for me, many artists realized that Twitter could be another avenue for them to showcase their creations. I have slowly followed a community of artists that I am always eager to check in on, admire their work and get to know, in some small way, the person behind the painting, drawing or comic.

If you have yet to find your own similar corner of Twitter, or are interested in adding some new artists to your feed, allow me to plug some of my favorites below. I think their art is all the introduction they need.

Matt Cummings@EiffelArt


Justin Castaneda@whenuwerelittle


Djamila Knopf@djamilaknopf


Vero Verdecia@verdeciavero




Logan Ryan is a senior English major studying creative and professional writing. He began his career at MSU as an engineer and still laughs about it sometimes. He enjoys spending time with his fiancée, playing video games, and cold weather. He can usually be found at his desk doing anything but writing, on his bike, or on a hike. You can follow him @roganlyan on Twitter.


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