Baby You’re So Classic

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If detective fiction is your thing, Mary Roberts Rinehart’s 1908 mystery is right up your alley

If things that go bump in the night satiate your taste for fictional adventure, Mary Roberts Rinehart’s The Circular Staircase is perfect for your next read.

Defined as one of the first “Had-I-But-Known” mysteries, Rinehart sets you off on a journey of thrilling action and spine-tingling plot twists as you follow a middle-aged spinster named Rachel Ines. Dive into her story, which starts out with her renting a summer home for a nice vacation. Rachel expects to settle in quietly, only to discover multiple bizarre and violent events happening around town.

Rachel’s normally calm and somewhat boring life becomes one of suspense as she fights for her life and justice for the madness happening around her.

This novel is sure to both frustrate and excite you as you meet different characters throughout the book; you aren’t sure whether to love or trust them. Five related deaths will have you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. The deaths not only ruin the summer vacation Rachel thought she would settle into so peacefully, but also have the whole town on red-alert.

You won’t be able to put this book down until you discover who is causing all of this mayhem. This book is best read at night so you can experience all of the creepy goodness Rinehart has given you.

Grab a copy of The Circular Staircase from almost any book store, put on some comfy pjs, crawl into bed and begin your journey!



Allie Wilson is a senior professional writing major from Niles, Mich. She currently works in the Writing Center and is an intern for Espresso Book Machine. When her nose isn’t buried in a book, she spends her free time obsessing over Grey’s Anatomy and eating. Wilson aspires to be an editor for a publishing firm that specializes in young adult fiction.


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