Behind the Story

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When you pick up a copy of ing Magazine, do you ever think about how the story was written? Have you asked yourself, how do the authors get those awesome quotes? Or, I wonder where they found all this information? Well, if the answer to any of those questions is yes, or if you are wondering now after thinking about it for a minute, this post is here to give you a sneak peek into the experiences of one of the writers for ing.

Imagine if you will, a stressed out college student heading to her the first week of classes of her senior year. She sits down and mentally prepares herself for another semester of working with ing Magazine. The first day is a whirlwind of information, most of its review because she’s taken the class before, but the energy in the room is almost frantic. The only story idea that has been decided already is a feature of a corn maze in Williamston.

The professor pleads with the class, looking for anyone who is willing to head out to this corn maze to interview one of the owners. The room is dead silent as everyone avoids eye contact. Finally, unable to bear the awkward silence any longer, the girl agrees to drive over to the corn maze in order to conduct the interview. Another classmate agrees to go and take the pictures.

Friday comes along, and the girl is prepared. She has all her questions written down and her trusty phone charged up and ready to record so she can go back later and get accurate quotes. She finds the address and pulls up to a house directly across the street from the cornfield. Everything is going well, the recording is working, and the interviewee is giving great answers. All of a sudden, everyone begins walking into the corn.

Did she miss something? It was only supposed to be an interview, no trekking through the corn maze required. She looks down at her flip-flops and rethinks all of her decisions up to that point. On inside the corn, she realizes her second mistake. It is a veritable mosquito forest with twenty of the demon bugs following her around at all times looking for a chance to strike. With no bug spray in sight, she continues to try and ask her questions in-between bouts of frantic swatting and jumping around every time she hears the faintest buzzing sound near her ears. 

Finally, the interview is over and the girl escapes the mosquito forest. Later that weekend when she is listening to the recording, she relives the experience all over again as she hears her own mutterings forever immortalized on tape. In the end, the story is written and the girl wears her many mosquito bites as badges of honor signifying a job well done.


Jessica Gibbons is a senior majoring in humanities pre-law with an additional major in professional writing. Her dream is to become the editor in chief of a publication. She enjoys reading, playing with her cat and watching entirely too much Netflix.