Beware: MSU Parking Is On The Prowl

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Go Green! Go… go away parking tickets. Whether you’re not able to drive after a night out or don’t want to risk being late to class, leaving your car on campus sounds like a wise choice… until tickets. Riding through campus, all I see are cars decorated with the little sheets of paper that students probably won’t end up paying until they are about to graduate. YES, this is a thing! So as a warning to all of you MSU students out there, get those tickets paid or else you will not get your diploma.

This sounds harsh, right? Why would we have to pay for a class yet also pay to get to that class? Well, it is called being an adult. MSU would not be the same without their reputation of giving out parking tickets. They make millions every year off of this alone. Most people do not understand the logic around it, and I know people who have easily spent over $1500.00 because they have let those tickets build up to a point of no return. With all the harm and unreasonable bills it brings upon people, you would think MSU would make a change to try to either add more parking spaces or to lower the cost of the tickets they give out, but this is not the case. They just keep rolling in the money that we don’t have. Why would they do this? Well, it’s simple.

There are thousands of students and employers that make up MSU’s population. Not everyone has a car, but the majority of the people who do need parking require spaces in particular areas. If parking was free, this would mean anyone at any time, for any reason could park everywhere. The chaos of this would be worse than the chaos that tickets cost simply because there would never be a spot to park on campus. Employees would always have trouble getting to work and students would never make it to class and almost never find a spot to park close to where they live on campus.

Even though the logic in parking tickets makes sense, the bill will still catch you off guard and have you angry when you thought you were getting that diploma you’ve worked on for four years (really five years but we are going to let that extra semester slide because… life). The solution to this problem is to work smarter and not harder! There are plenty of places on and around campus that offer free parking after 6pm-6am so use that to your advantage and try to walk when you can. It’s never too late to get that summer body! Pay those tickets and free your wallets. Also, know that you are not alone. I have about 6 tickets waiting on me at home.


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