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Glittering gowns meet cutthroat competition in The Selection series by Kiera Cass. A beautiful dance of romance, revolution and political intrigue keep you on the edge of your seat, and the twists and turns will leave you breathless and pining for more.

In a post-apocalyptic word reborn under a single family’s banner, the Kingdom of Ilea rose from the ashes of the United States. Social castes keep the population under the thumb of the royal family, but for 35 young women, The Selection is the opportunity of a lifetime; a chance to live a life of privilege and extravagance, and the chance to win the heart of the charming and charismatic prince. It’s not all fancy desserts and frilly gowns, however. It’s The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games meets Mean Girls in a palace full of girls from all walks of life, vying for the chance to find love, and become queen.

For America Singer, however, this dream is a nightmare. Torn between a childhood sweetheart who is a caste below her, and an enchanting prince with a crown she doesn’t want, America must balance palace politics and jealous drama alongside rebel threats and her own rebellious nature. It’s a love triangle that truly subverts all preconceived expectations, and her journey humanizes every person’s need for love and demands for respect.

For every little boy and girl who dreams of being royalty with all the modern amenities, or who’s dreamed of catching the eye of a prince across a crowded ballroom, this book fulfills all your fantasies in a way that’s shockingly empowering. It’s not your typical idea of royal life, all fainting damsels and petty catfights. It’s power struggles, attitude and heartwarming honesty, with shining moments of human failure under a glittering facade. For a story that has the potential to fall into every trope of internalized misogyny, it turns every expectation on its head. The main character isn’t perfect, and at times is even in the wrong. She’s selfish and honest and relatable, and as you follow her journey throughout the series, you watch her blossom from an angry wild child into a powerful force of nature. Not only that, but the women around her are all fully fleshed out and dynamic, with their own reasons for competing, and their own hopes and struggles. None of them, or any of the male characters for that matter, ever come across as one-dimensional, and Kiera Cass does an excellent job of interweaving their stories to create an extremely unique microcosm of human experience.

So, if you’re looking for a fairytale ending that’s not all sunshine and rainbows, with flawed and dynamic characters and a story full of surprises, then this series is for you. Everyone deserves to be a princess, but only one can be Queen.

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