Book of the Month: White Fur by Jardine Libaire

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There is nothing like a love story to warm the heart and soul during the frigid month of January, especially a love story filled with angst, tension and passion. White Fur by Jardine Libaire is a raw and passionate tale of two star-crossed lovers, Elise Perez and Jamey Hyde, and their tumultuous relationship .

The reader is first introduced to the novel in a gut-wrenching scene—two lovers, a motel room and a gun. This scene sets the tension level for the rest of the book. Once your heart is racing, the story goes back to the beginning, back to where the whole relationship started and before there was violence and pain. Back to when Elise and Jamey were just Elise and Jamey.

“So much of life is about standing on the curb, willing to see what rolls up.”

Elise Perez is unpolished, blunt and tough while remaining sweet, caring and loving. She grew up in the projects and never knew stability. Elise takes what the world has given her and rolls with it, making the best of the worst situation. She doesn’t have money and her looks are sharp and feral; she is everything and nothing in a world defined by what you have, what you look like and who you know.

Jamey Hyde is the definition of privilege—born into family money and heir to his family’s private investment bank firm. He is a student at Yale just passing the time and is polished, polite and distant. He knows he has the world in his hands, and yet he feels like something doesn’t add up; he doesn’t add up. He has everything but feels nothing in a world that he is the king of.

“Even a city that’s broken and dirty can, in that time, be divine and intimate.”

These two characters are polar opposites in society and yet the connection between them is like a wildfire: burning, fast and all-consuming. It isn’t a safe connection or even a very healthy one. It is an obsession. Elise becomes obsessed with the polished boy because she sees what he is missing inside. Jamey becomes obsessed with the unpolished girl because she’s so wrong that she’s right. Soon, both are so lost in the world they created that they don’t know which way is up. All they know is that despite the trials, judgements and disapproval, they have each other to feel whole.

White Fur shows readers the fine line between lust and love, choices and consequences. The novel reveals that love can save you just as much as it can break you.

“It’s like he never wanted anything, but only thought and fretted about what he should want, what other people wanted him to want.”


Emma Moller is a junior majoring in professional writing. She hopes to take her dreams and goals to the big city one day, but for now she can be found sipping on Starbucks, listening to Alternative Rock, and trying to find her aesthetic. Follow her on Twitter, @_emma_moller, and let her know how that aesthetic search is going.

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