Bored With Your End of Summer Plans? Seven sure-to-please activities to end the summer season!

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Most people can’t let go of the end of summer. Back to school sales are everywhere and friends, siblings and students in general are sick of being reminded of returning to educational institutions. But fear not! ing Magazine has seven last minute summer ideas to close up the gap between the final days and the return of fall!

Have a barbeque!

There is still plenty of time in the grilling season. Call up a couple friends, or invite your neighbors over, and grill up some corn on the cob and ribs. Turn it into a giant potluck if you know enough people.

Plan a picnic.

Want something a little more chill with your SO? A picnic might be one of the classiest ways to spend a luncheon out with your special someone. Keep the foods simple and easy to eat so there is little mess and a lot more time to hang out on the blanket. Bring a frisbee along for extra fun!

Enjoy an outdoor movie!

When in the state known for manufacturing cars, why not take yours out to the nearest Drive-in Theater? Catch a movie on a large screen in the open air, or, set up a theater in your backyard! Even if you don’t have a projector,find an outlet; pitch a tent or lay a blanket out and watch from your laptop.

Make a summer treat.

There are tons of recipes on the internet for ice creams, popsicles and other delicious goodies best enjoyed in the summer heat. Find a favorite and make some to share or hoard for when the weather turns sour.

Go for a walk.

There are trails most everywhere for people to go out for a stroll. Plan an afternoon with a couple hours of no technology and just walk! Take in the sights, smells and sounds of nature.


Whether it’s local, state or national, volunteering is a great way to get additional time in the sun as well as help the community. This can also be done year round, monthly, weekly or whenever you have the time! Volunteering can be super flexible, it’s awesome!

Camp out somewhere neat.

If you’re an overly outdoorsy person, or even have “camp out in car” on your bucket list, then this might be one of the best ways to spend a final summer weekend. Just be sure to pack a roll of toilet paper just in case.

In the end, the final hours of summer are yours to command. So go out to the beach, stay at home with Netflix or gather your friends and family for a neighborhood potluck. Whatever you decide to do with the end of your summer, enjoy it! And don’t forget that that sale on backpacks ends in a few days! Happy Summer!


Cynthia Bezinque graduated with a major in professional writing and a minor in documentary production, Spring 2017. When she isn’t working on video production she loves to sew, make stained glass projects and read. Check out her latest projects on


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