Celebrate National Coffee Day at Bloom Coffee Roasters

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Happy National Coffee Day! Whether you’re a certified caffeine addict already grabbing your sixth cup of the day or a brew connoisseur hoping to try something new today, we want to make sure you celebrate this occasion in the proper manner. Instead of taking another round to your favorite big-name coffee chain’s drive-thru, why not settle down in a cozy local shop with an authentic brew crafted from scratch? Take a trip to Bloom Coffee Roasters in Old Town Lansing, an artsy boutique that fully lives up to its motto: “Know Your Beans. Know Your Cup. Know Your Roaster.”

Bloom offers a personalized experience for their customers all the way from creation to consumption. The shop operates as a retail micro-roaster, with its own bean roasting apparatus and manual brew. The machines are available for full view by the customers, who can get first-hand glimpse of the pressing, roasting, and grinding process. The coffee greens, sourced from traders in Minneapolis and California, are roasted to the optimal temperatures, bringing out the richest flavors possible from the beans.

Bloom has been in Old Town for just over a year, and it is already a beloved part of the area. The small shop offers thoughtful baristas, a peaceful ambience, and a diverse menu complete with several enticing options. If you’re looking for something simple, savor a creamy Americano or Cubano. If you’re looking for something richer, go for one of their signature lattes, including the Lavender and the Rosemary Pear. Maybe even try their Cascara Tea, made from the skins of their coffee beans, or any of their other spirit teas, garnished with piquant spices.

Bloom Coffee Roasters offers something for every type of coffee drinker. Curious enthusiasts will have the satisfaction of seeing their brew come to life before their eyes; purists will know the beans are the best of their kind; those who simply want a delicious mug of coffee will not go disappointed. Can you imagine spending National Coffee Day anywhere else?

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