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Chapelure is a charming coffee shop and bakery located in Hannah Plaza near MSU’s east campus. They serve a variety of coffees, teas and pastries, which are baked fresh every day. Chapelure has long hours, normally from seven in the morning to as late as ten at night, making it the perfect place to stop by for a morning coffee or an afternoon of studying.

The staff is friendly and the service is fast, so you aren’t kept waiting in long lines as you so often find yourself in other coffee shops around campus. If you’re visiting the shop alone for some studying, Chapelure has large, comfy chairs, but if you find yourself catching up with some friends, there are larger tables, as well. The atmosphere is light and the music soothing, making Chapelure the perfect place to relax and have a warm drink on these cold winter days.

“I absolutely love going to Chapelure…They make the coolest latte art and their pastries are to die for!” Katie Bliden, a junior at Michigan State, exclaimed. She also said that she’s a regular customer and the staff recognize her and know her order when she comes in. “It really makes me feel special, and I love that about Chap,” Biden said.

Chap, as it is fondly nicknamed by its regular customers, also offers a variety of cakes for special occasions. “My mom always gets me the Tiramisu cake for my birthday, I look forward to it every year!” said junior Molly Schools, an Okemos native and student at MSU. “It’s also a great place to meet up with friends, I love going for a quick cup of coffee.”

Chapelure is hands down my favorite study spot on campus because of the long hours, great food and drinks as well as the affordable price. It’s a wonderful place to stop by for a quick coffee break, or to get a dessert for a special occasion. I’m sure that if you swung by, the staff would make you feel just as welcome and at home as they do to everyone who walks through their doors. Be sure to grab a pastry while you study—they are truly delicious—and enjoy one hidden gem of a coffee shop in the area.


Em McCullough is a Junior studying professional writing and environmental studies and sustainability. She’s a member of the MSU Women’s Water Polo team and works at the MSU Writing Center and the Journal for the Study of Radicalism. On a normal day, you can find her with a book in hand, cat on her lap, drinking a cup of tea. You can follow her cat on Instagram @bennetthecat.


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