“Choices: Stories You Play” | Video Game of the Month: January 2019

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The best in choose-your-own-adventure storytelling

Have you ever wanted to be a starship captain in a classic space opera? Have you wondered what it might be like to fall in love and compete for the hand of a prince? What about stopping a cult and hunting down criminals? Becoming a superhero? Being a courtesan in Ancient Rome? Thanks to developers at Pixelberry Studios, you can do all these things and more, through their free-to-play mobile game, Choices: Stories You Play.

With 26 titles to choose from, and more stories in development every day, there’s something here for everybody. Their current library covers everything from historical fiction and high fantasy to horror and slice-of-life. You can discover your hidden affinity for magic in “The Elementalist,” play the fame game and rise to the stardom in “Red Carpet Diaries,” live out your Jane Austen fantasy in “Desire & Decorum,” and so much more. And, you can switch between stories at any time, so you never have to feel tied to a story if you lose interest or get stuck.

For almost every story, you get to customize your own player character, meaning you can be a different person in each story. Customization options are incredibly diverse, with a range of skin tones, genders, faces and hairstyles. While romances in these stories are optional, there are no restrictions on gender and sexual preference when it comes to your options. Every story contains both male and female romance options, and each story is unique. As you play, the choices you make impact the way the story plays out, and every choice counts. Some choices cost “Diamonds,” which are the in-game currency you earn by completing chapters or purchased with real money. These decisions are never required for completing the story and only serve to enhance your tale with unique experiences and outfits or alternate story routes.

Between the phenomenal writing, focus on inclusivity, and a diverse range of genres and subjects, Choices: Stories You Play has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a good read, or 26, you can find them here.

Choices: Stories You Play is free on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. This game contains optional in-app purchases.


Sarah Nowack is a junior professional writing major who is minoring in graphic design. She works for the MSU Libraries Publishing Services Department as a print and design intern. She enjoys playing video games, eating outrageous foods, and above all, making terrible dad puns. She can be found at @battlerouge on Twitter and @shiverbound on Instagram.

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