Devil May Cry 5 | Video Game of the Month: May 2019

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A lot of attention is often paid to the story of games and movies. Consumers expect a certain amount of polish out of plots, and everybody’s a critic. But every once in a while though, you crave something different. Something made to be fun, not a masterpiece. This is where B-movies come in; less polished and poorly written films that serve purely to entertain and nothing else. Often their plots don’t make sense, holes are ignored and things happen without any justification or explanation. But they’re fun, often campy and become cult classics around the world.

In the world of video games, there are few b-movie type franchises. Chief among them, though, is Devil May Cry. A story about a man that hunts demons, whose father was a demon and whose family was killed by demons could easily have been made into a serious action title. Instead, the developers turned it into a spectacle. As lead character Dante roams the world seeking revenge, he is thrust into high action combat that sees him and his enemies flying across the screen and through the air in flashy, over the top moves. As soon as combat is finished, the game scores you based on how cool it looked and gives you a Stylish rating. Devil May Cry 5 carries on that tradition.

Look past its gorgeous graphics and you’ll find the same surprisingly deep and complex systems as its predecessors. Combat is controlled through a combo system, where every move requires you to move the joystick in the right direction while pushing the correct buttons. With every move having its own unique combination, it becomes difficult to remember and perform them all in the heat of the moment while stringing a combo together to keep your stylish score high. But the game has your back there as well.

Holding in the right thumb stick turns on a special easy mode of the game, where the characters will automatically string moves together into big, flashy combos during combat. Doing so takes away a lot of the complexity of the game and turns it into a dumbed down hack and slash brawler, but the point of DMC has never been to be overly complicated and difficult. It’s campiness and underlying simplicity are supposed to make it fun, enjoyable and accessible. Turn on that flashy combo button if it makes you happy.

Fans new to the franchise have also been taken into account as well. Easily found on YouTube, and embedded at the start of the game as well, is a short video explaining everything that has happened in the first four games to get you caught up on the story. Who is Dante? What is the Devil Sword Sparda? Made by the developers themselves, it is a quick primer to give you all the necessities to enjoy the newest title without having to worry about the intricacies of the plot.

After all, plot never was the purpose of Devil May Cry. Over the top, flashy combat with cheesy lines and acting was the point. That’s why DMC5 is our game of the month.

Oh, there are also videos of the developers acting out the cutscenes you would find in the game, but in real life. It’s hilarious and definitely worth buying the deluxe edition of the game, or looking them up on the internet.


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