Did You Know it’s National Poetry Month? | A Poem for National Poetry Month

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April is the month for poetry! Literally! It’s National Poetry Month. Some people think poetry is one of the least popular forms of writing. Why? I’m not sure, I think it’s one of the most creative forms of writing. Poetry, like any other writing, makes you feel and helps you understand what can’t be explained. It’s not easy understanding your or someone else’s feelings and that’s what a poem does, express the writer’s feelings. So, I decided to share a poem I wrote about how to write a poem.

How To Write a Poem

They always taught you

a poem is supposed to rhyme.

Now time has come

where I have to tell you that’s a lie.


To write a poem you have to feel.

Imagine how you feel waking up to the person,

who knows you better than you.

Or how you relate to that

used napkin someone tossed in the trash


To write a poem you have to think.

Think how you can put words together

that seems completely unrelated–intertwine them.

Or how you can give a word

a completely new meaning.


To write a poem you must understand.

Understand how you can make

people feel through your words.

Or how you can connect

to an audience like they’re your best friend.


To write a poem you have to want to speak.

You speak through your words

without opening your mouth.

You’re seen without being stared at.


To write a poem, you must be creative.

Write from your heart, from your experiences.

To write a poem you have to show without telling.


Rockila Young is a senior studying professional writing with a concentration on editing and publishing and a passion for creative writing. She one day wishes to be a published novelist and chief of editing. While having a passion for writing, she loves children and is currently working in childcare. You can follow her on Instagram @r.o.c.k.i.e

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