Do you want to build a snowman?

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I am sure that I am not the only one to notice the change in temperature. This temperature change not only brings out the worst in people, but also SNOW. We often take snow for granted as we get older. Snow can be used for many great things like original snow cones (not the yellow snow) or getting your ex back for breaking up with you via text – using a snowball of course! Don’t worry though, because I am here to teach you all how to make the best out of the snowfall and your college experience by giving away the secret to building the perfect snowman. Here is my list of seven steps that will leave you with the best snowman you have ever seen:


Step One: Alcohol (WARNING: should be 21 or older)

Sneak alcohol into your dorm and force your two best friends to drink with you. This is a great way to warm up and to get your crew to help you with all the heavy lifting.


Step Two: Cute outfits

You have to make sure that you look good for when you post pictures of your amazing     snowman! Can’t be caught slipping!


Step Three: Hit the caf

This is the time to find random things like maybe an apple or an orange because these would be perfect for making the most unique snowman.


Step Four: Find a classroom

This is where you go and take out all of the erasers in a classroom on campus. It has nothing to do with making a snowman, I just thought that this would be something to add to your college bucket list. You’re welcome.


Step Five: Actually find snow

Whether the snow is slushy or firm, it can  be used. Make sure to start gathering big chunks of snow. If you and your friends do not have gloves right now it’s okay, because you’re drunk. You’re welcome AGAIN.


Step Six: Build

Throw snow on top of other snow, try to create the biggest pile that you can. Now is the time to add the treats you took from the cafe, or eat them if you get the munchies from drinking.


Step seven: Pictures!

Take pictures of yourself next to the snowman. Hopefully you have a water resistant phone because this could end badly. Remember, lighting and angles are crucial here!


Treandra Thomas is a senior majoring in professional writing. Treandra’s imagination has always been huge, and she explores that through writing in her free time. She is shamelessly obsessed with reality television shows and also cooking. You can follow her on instagram @treandras_world.


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