Does Appearance Matter? | Self-care tips for the utterly unmotivated

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The short answer is yes. People often ask me specifically why I’m not more girly. In high school, I wore makeup every day, but in college, I’ve stopped. I wear the same oversized hoodie almost every day. With this change has come constant rude questions and suggestions about my sexuality, overall appearance and how I should wear makeup more. Even if you’re more put together than I am, you may have chipped nail polish one day, chew your fingernails short or (completely accidentally) wear the same exact t-shirt every Tuesday. Regardless of who you are, someone always seems to have some unnecessary comment about how you look.

What people fail to realize is that most people dress how they feel. That oversized hoodie is comfortable and can keep anyone warm no matter what may be going on for them emotionally. Sometimes getting out of bed at all is really hard — whether it’s cold outside and you’re cozy and just want to sleep in, or you were up hours and hours last night doing an assignment, fighting insomnia or are constantly silencing a myriad of thoughts you don’t like or understand.

Things get even more complicated in the professional world, in work environments. If someone has multiple piercings and tattoos, or even just doesn’t necessarily spend hours on makeup or making sure their hair is perfect, it can be much harder for them to get a job, regardless of how professional they are or their qualifications. Bottom line: people judge, both in our professional and personal lives.

That doesn’t make getting out of bed any easier, stop your anxiety or cure your insomnia or any other mental illness. It certainly doesn’t make your bed any less wonderful. Despite this, people judge, and particularly if you want a job, friends or even a semblance of a successful future, you have to have some sort of hygiene and self-care. Self-care can be really difficult, and even the slightest tasks can sometimes be exhausting or seem like too much. As a result, I’ve provided a list of incredibly easy things you really should be doing, regardless of how you feel, to make sure you’re not a complete and total hot mess.

Say Hydrated:

  • Get a giant water bottle for your room so you don’t have to get up to stay hydrated.

Brush Up:

  • This one is hard, but always remember to brush your teeth, at least once a day. (I personally keep my toothbrush under my bed, always within reach, by my excessively big jug of water, so I don’t have to get up and go to the bathroom to brush like a normal person.)  

Hats Help:

  • If your hair looks bad, wear a hat, headband or beanie so you don’t have to spend a long time fixing it. Regularly alternate this go-to headgear.  

Plan Ahead:

  • Pick out your outfits a day in advance so you don’t have to stress in the morning, and as obvious as this sounds, make sure this includes new underwear.  

Stop the Scent:

  • Always put on deodorant, and maybe even body spray if it’s been a while since your last shower, but know that there is a “point of no return” in which you should probably just suck it up and shower.

The self-care tips above are made to be extremely easy, the bare minimum of what has to be done to keep yourself healthy. People are still going to judge you if you wear the same beanie for the third day this week, but they are likely to judge less than if you showed up fresh out of bed with a rat’s nest for hair. At least your breath won’t stink and your gums won’t bleed. If you have piercings and tattoos it still might be hard to find a job, but by taking two seconds of your day to put on deodorant, you’ve successfully avoided putting off potential employers based upon your putrid stench alone. Sometimes it’s the little victories…


Melissa Sefernick is a senior in arts and humanities and professional writing, with a concentration in writing, editing, and publishing. Aside from her interests in content creation, she loves art, social media, metal music, swimming, petting dogs and “alternative fashion.”

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