Eight New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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It’s that time of year when everyone you know is buying a gym membership (which will prove to be a waste of money by February) and downloading a food tracking app (which will prove to be a waste of storage by mid-January). Instead of making a list of goals that you know you’ll give up on before Valentine’s Day, why not focus your attention on resolutions that you can really accomplish? To help you get started, here are eight resolutions that you can actually keep:


  1. Pick one new show to binge on Netflix, and then do it. This one is a bit of a time commitment, but if you really put in the work, you’ll reach the series finale before you know it.
  2. Take more naps. Sleep is an important part of staying healthy, so increasing the number of hours you spend unconscious makes a perfect New Year’s resolution.
  3. Do more online shopping. Ordering things online has all the fun of going to the store, but you can do it in your pajamas from bed. Not to mention, you’ll be helping the economy at the same time. How kind of you.
  4. Try all of the Halo Top ice cream flavors. There are so many, and they’re all low-calorie, low-sugar and high-protein—basically a health food. Plus, they’re the perfect size to eat the ice cream right out of the carton.
  5. Swear more. Studies have shown that swearing can not only reduce pain, but also give you a sense of control over a bad situation. Improve your physical and mental health by making 2018 your most profane year yet.
  6. Spend more time on Twitter. It is important to be up-to-date on news and current events, and where else are you going to find 100% bias-free, accurate information?
  7. Clean your room less frequently. As long as you know where everything is, there’s really no need for your room to look like the Buckingham Palace. This is a huge time-saver, but you may want to have a quick discussion with your roommate before adding this to your resolution list.
  8. Come up with three really good excuses for when you don’t feel like doing something. It’s a lot of work up-front, but you’ll be glad you did it when you need to get out of something and your excuses are ready to go.


Remember that any resolution requires persistence, but we have the utmost confidence that you will accomplish anything you put your mind to—you know, as long as it doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of energy and/or giving up carbs.


Kelsie Donaldson is a junior studying professional writing with additional concentrations in advertising and psychology. She is a Netflix enthusiast, aspiring ukulele player and can’t decide if she’s a dog person or cat person. You can follow her on Instagram @kelsiedonaldson.


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