Finding the Perfect Apple

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Whether it feels like a hot summer day ripe for a picnic at the beach, or crisp fall afternoon perfect for a trip to the orchard — sometimes you just want an apple. Finding the perfect apple is easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make sure an apple is a good size, or nice and ripe without being rotten and squishy. It isn’t hard to check to make sure an apple lacks bruises or worms. You can tell a good apple is just a good apple. Finding the perfect apple in that sense is easy, but finding the perfect apple for you is where the challenge comes in. Finding your perfect apple isn’t so much about whether the apple is rotten as it is deciding what type of apple you want, based on flavor, taste or use for the apple. There are sixteen varieties of apples grown directly in Michigan, but I won’t bore you with every single one. The easiest way to find the apple you’re looking for is to know the taste you’re looking for. If you want a sweet apple, go for a Fuji. If you want a tart apple, go for a Granny Smith. If you want something for general purposes, grab a Golden Delicious or a Red Delicious. If you want an apple with both sweetness and a hint of fresh tartness, grab a Honeycrisp, my personal favorite. There are a few more pieces to this *apple* pie that we’re forgetting, though. Some apples are better for baking than others, and some are better for cooking or eating. Depending on what you plan to do with your apple, whether you use it in a pie for grandma or toss it into your lunchbox, the diagram below can help you choose the perfect apple for you.

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