Five Things to Do in Lansing This Winter

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If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love wintertime. Waking up to a quiet, glistening snowfall, sipping a peppermint hot chocolate while curled up with a good book, watching an endless number of holiday-themed movies–; I could go on. Or, you could be the complete opposite. Maybe you absolutely hate this time of year, and all you can think about is how the cold, gloomy weather pushes leads you into a deep abyss of nothingness. Well, I hate to break it to you, but this is Michigan; winter is inevitable, so why not embrace it? Forget about the gloomy weather, and instead, think of all the incredibly fun activities you can take part in.  We’ve shared five things to do in Lansing that will help you make the most of winter.

Visit a local coffee shop

Perhaps the easiest and most relaxing option. Head over to a local coffee shop (Strange Matter, Blue Owl, Chapelure, just to name a few), order a delicious drink, and make sure to grab a seat by the window. Instead of endlessly scrolling through your phone, take a moment to slow down, breathe and watch the snowfall outside.

Ice-skate at Munn Ice Arena or Suburban Ice

Dust off those skates that have been lying around for years in your basement: It’s time to channel your inner figure skater and get down to the rink. (I should also add that it’s a super cute date idea.)

Snow tube at Hawk Island

This is just as cool as it sounds. Gather a group of friends or family, and tube down a 16 ft wide sculpted snow lane. There are also outdoor fires and a winter snack bar offering hot chocolate, s’mores, coffee, and more.

Cross-country ski on a local trail

If you’re looking to enjoy amazing scenery and connect with nature, cross-country skiing is the perfect activity. There are some great locations in the Lansing area, such as Burchfield County Park, Woldumar Nature Center and Lake Lansing Park North. Burchfield even offers a “Moonlight Ski” on Friday and Saturday nights.

Discover a wintery read at the bookstore

Nothing gets you more into the spirit of the season than a compelling story set in a snow-filled location. Make your way to Schuler Books or Archives Book Shop, and take some time to browse the many shelves to find your next favorite read.

Reyna Hurand is a senior studying professional writing. You can usually find her curled up with a good book, her two adorable dogs and a hot cup of coffee. To learn more, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @reynasblogxo.


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