Five Things to Talk About at the Table Besides the Election

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Because we’re all tired of hearing about it

Let’s face it: your family, like every other family in the United States right now, is obsessed with talking about politics. Well guess what? Everyone needs to stop. With the holidays right around the corner, family gatherings are inevitable – same with family chatter. We need to remember that there are more important things besides politics and taking sides. This upcoming holiday, start a new conversation and make Thanksgiving wholesome again. Here are five  things you can talk about besides the election at Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. How kick-ass you’re doing in school right now

Seriously, talk yourself up for a bit. Your parents will love it.

  1. What everyone is grateful for this year

Is it really Thanksgiving if you don’t talk about what you’re grateful for? It’s fine if you get a little sappy, too.

  1. Your current Netflix obsessions

Don’t lie and say you don’t have any; we all Netflix binge and you know it.

  1. Your animal alter egos

This is a fun way to get your loved ones talking and laughing. I discovered I was a koala last year, primarily because I do nothing but sleep and eat.

  1. One thing that you’ve never done as a family (or as friends), but would like to

Brainstorm one thing that you’ve never gotten around to doing as a group, but would really like to one day. You’d be surprised at what people are dying to do!


At the end of the day, you’ll be much happier (and less tense) if you avoid talk of politics at your Thanksgiving table. Sit down with your family or friends, enjoy some yummy food, and remember the things you’re grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Taylor Downs is a senior professional writing major from Kalamazoo, Mich. You will almost always find her with coffee in one hand or hyperventilating at Sephora. She loves going out to eat, indulging in TV reruns and spending time with her family and friends.


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