Four of the Best Job Opportunities in East Lansing for Students

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As you may already know, getting a job when you’re stricken with time constraints can be very hard. It can’t look good to employers when you’re taking days off before you even have the job. Honestly, from their point of view, you can’t really blame them. However, there are places around East Lansing that work around your tight schedule. This may sound too good to be true, but I swear it’s not. Listed below are four places around East Lansing that love to hire and work with students!


  1.       MSU “I Need a Part-Time Job!” – Multiple Positions 

First, we have the most readily available resource for all Michigan State students. Michigan State University makes it ridiculously easy to sift through thousands of on-campus jobs. These positions are all expected to be filled by students, so get ready to apply! MSU averages over 17,000 students on their payroll each year. Most of the departments on campus use Handshake to post their job listings, but some hire so many students that they have their own online applications. Please refer to the “cheat-sheet” above for the proper links to each department and for help getting started with Handshake.


  1. Spartan Childcare Center – Teacher’s Aide

The Spartan Child Development Center was established in 1971 and serves to meet the needs of all children ages six weeks to five years. SCDC ensures a nonsexist, multicultural and nonviolent atmosphere. They are open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. They will work around your schedule as a student, and they offer shifts as long as 10 hours and as short as three. Being a Teacher’s Aide requires you to help with general classroom management and, obviously, work with the kids in your classroom. After showing excellence and dedication, it’s completely possible to move up and become a Professional Staff Substitute. The building is located just off campus and should be easily accessible to all students. Being able to pick your schedule AND being able to work with children is like a dream come true for some. Even better, they’re currently hiring! 


  1.       Insomnia Cookies – Baker/Front Counter/Campus Rep

Insomnia Cookies was founded in a college dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. It was created by students for students. This business now has over 150 locations and they are still growing. Their entire business is based upon delivering warm, fresh cookies right to the homes of the individual. For a student, they make a compelling argument that urges you to apply. Easily attainable, they only require your availability most nights and weekends. Insomnia Cookies comes with incredible benefits such as sick days, vacation days, a fun work environment, opportunities for advancement and, most importantly, FREE COOKIES! Insomnia is conveniently located right next to campus on Grand River Avenue and can easily be found by students without a car. If you haven’t tried their cookies yet, I strongly recommend it. 


  1.       DTN Management – Multiple Positions

Last, but certainly not least, is DTN Management. DTN is a property management company that is based in, you guessed it, Lansing, MI. Just to prove what wonderful people they have working for them, I emailed them a few questions to help me finish this post. I was showered with kindness and I received an incredible response. First off, DTN “gives students the opportunity to hone many different skills that they will carry with them in their future endeavors such as customer service, accounting, marketing and sales. All of these skills would benefit anyone in whatever career path they choose to walk.” This company loves to work with students because students are a large percentage of their clientele. They own many different communities and offices in multiple pockets of East Lansing, so there is a location for all students. DTN structures their office to accommodate the exhausting schedule that all students know. Along with schedule help, they also offer competitive pay in the housing market. In total, DTN has over 60 students working for them in their communities around the Lansing area. As stated before, they love hiring students, so apply soon!

Special thanks to Candice Gandy, Leasing Manager from DTN Management.

Demitri Kanellopoulos is a junior studying Professional Writing with a minor in Public Relations. He has hopes to soon become a self-published author and eventually pursue a career in Editing and Publishing. When he’s not studying or writing, which he does shockingly often, you might find him hanging out with his cat, watching football or playing soccer. You can find him @dkanellopoulos on Instagram.