Freshman Girl’s Guide to Tailgate Outfits

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It’s that time of year: getting up at 5 in the morning on a Saturday with your besties to get trashed before watching a game you don’t understand (just go along with the student section cheers, it’ll be okay). The only thing to worry about is what you’re going to wear to get Chad/Bryce/Kyle’s attention at the tailgate while also not wearing the same thing as everyone else. The fashion gurus at ING have your back, girl. Here are some of our favorite tailgate outfits for the football season:

Cheerleader Skirt

Literally no one has thought of this one yet. You’ll stick out and shine like a star, even though you’re not as talented as the real cheerleaders.


Cut-up T-Shirt

Are you sick of t-shirts looking like t-shirts? We are too! Just cut that bad boy into a tank top, crop top, or bikini top to show off your DIY skills.


MSU Dad Shirt

How ironic! You’re neither a male nor do you have children. This will have all the cute boys laughing at your original joke.


Those Green Stripe Overalls

Yeah, those ones. But make them look ~*cute*~ and not like you’re a farmer. Cutting the pant legs off or even one-strapping it would be a game-changer!


XXL T-Shirt

Surprise! It’s a dress now! No need for pants when it’s above 80 degrees.



Any and all of these pieces pair well with an index finger in the air and a booty sticking to the side in your new Insta post. Best wishes on your first tailgate season, ladies! Go Green!!


Allison Bertram is a senior studying professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. She enjoys exploring Lansing, visiting coffee shops and greeting any dog that crosses her path. Follow her on social media at @alli_bertram.

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