Fun, Easy Electives to Take at MSU

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We’ve all been in that place right before the semester starts. You know where. Where you’re sitting there staring at MSU’s Degree Navigator and Schedule Builder computer screen trying to figure out what classes you need, which ones actually sound interesting and which ones you DEFINITELY want to avoid. Or, you’re just looking to add a few extra credits to your semester to reach those pesky 120 credits required for graduation. So, here I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve found (and other students have found and  confirmed) to be interesting classes to take that require little to no real effort or time so you can still go about living your best life and enjoy your classes a little bit, too. 


ISS 210 Society & The Individual (D)/ ISS 325 War & Revolution (ONLINE-SUMMER)

Class description: Video Games and Society.What can video games teach us about society and the individual? In this class, you’ll play video games to find out. Video games, even more so than literature, provide the ability to experience the viewpoints of characters in their historical or fictional contexts. Gamers will be able to choose their own adventure from a menu of topics. Video Games and Conflict. Good versus evil. Us versus them. Player 1 versus Player 2. This section explores what video games can tell us about a variety of aspects of social, political, economic, and military conflicts in society. Students will play video games to experience what this important and influential medium tells us about conflict in the 21st century. Some experience with video games will be useful but not necessary. Bring a friend: this class will also support cooperative learning through team and collaborative gaming.

If you’re into playing different types of video games and writing about your experiences, these two ISS classes are 100% up your alley.  Look for the sections that are influenced in video games! These two classes are a lot of fun and you find yourself wanting to read the research articles regarding the topics for the week because they are equal parts interesting and controversial.


PKG 101 Principles of Packaging (FALL/SPRING)

Class description: “Packaging systems, materials and forms and their relationship to the needs and wants of society.”

Kids have said things like “It’s a pretty chill class with a great professor”, “you won’t need to buy the book unless you want to dive deeper into topics” and “stick to the slides and you’ll 4.0” so it’s basically minimum effort level. 


KIN 125 First Aid and Personal Safety (FALL/SPRING)

Class description: Knowledge and application of first aid concepts relating to respiratory and cardiopulmonary disorders, shock, wounds, burns, fractures, drug poisoning, childbirth, litigation. Preventing trauma by recognizing and avoiding safety hazards.

This class is ideal because you get to learn some real life skills and knowledge for pretty important safety procedures that are actually useful! You meet once a week because the class is a hybrid, so it’s pretty much underwater basket weaving.

MI 101 Understanding Media & Info (SUMMER/FALL/SPRING)

Class description: Critique and analysis of media including television, radio, film, handhelds, video games, social media and the Internet. Media history, effects and ethics. Technology, business and social developments affecting the media in the information society.

This is a 101 class, so it’s not too heavy or deep! If you’re interested in learning about the media, doing analysis of all things media, and have a passion for critiquing these mentioned things, this ones for you!

MI 291 SPECIAL TOPICS: Introduction to Online Broadcasting/Video Game Audio/Concept Sketching (FALL/SPRING)

Class description: Contemporary issues in media and communication technology.

You have a wide variety of classes to take under this Special Topics class. You can pick one or all three and learn the in’s and outs of media and communication; the things that make this world go ‘round!


ATD 426 History of Dress Textiles/ ATD 430 Dress, Culture, & Human Behavior (ONLINE-FALL/SPRING)

Class description: History of dress and textiles as a reflection of the cultural milieu. Dress as an expression of self and reflection of society and global cultures. Effect of dress on human behavior at the personal, interpersonal, and social organizational levels.

These Fashion and Textile design classes are just as fun as they are thought provoking! If you’re into learning a little bit more about the history of textiles, style, body modifications, different cultures, trends and how fashion has evolved into what it is today, take these for a few extra credits!


(CSS 202) World of Turf (FALL/SPRING)

Class description: Role of turf in society and the environment. Principles underlying establishment and maintenance of turf on athletic fields, parks, home lawns, and golf courses. Aesthetic, safety, and economic aspects of turf grass management practices

Okay, so I’ve heard from several students around campus and on online forums that this class is among one of the easiest credits you’ll ever receive at MSU. I have not personally taken the class, but I thoroughly believe that a class about football field turf, can’t be all that challenging. Worth a shot if you’re into sports, right?


Tessa Hunt is a transfer student and currently a senior studying professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing and has a double minor in English and journalism. She has previously written for the Odyssey for Michigan State University and Eastern Michigan University. She hopes to work in editorial or publishing after graduating. In the free time she does have she enjoys shopping, eating Ramen noodles and collecting Funko Pops. Follow her on Instagram @tessaahunt