Game Of The Month – Style Savvy: Styling Star

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If you’re searching for a unique and intricate puzzle game with low stakes and high reward, then you’re in luck, because this month’s recommendation is all of these things and more. The perfect casual game for creatives, “Style Savvy: Styling Star” puts your creativity (literally) center stage, allowing you to fulfill every fashionista’s dream.

The Style Savvy franchise, also known as Girls Mode in Japan, was developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo as a simulation puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS. Featuring over +20,000 clothing items and accessories, as well as hundreds of hair and makeup combinations, “Style Savvy: Styling Star” puts you in charge of your very own fashion boutique, which caters not only to a huge variety of townsfolk, but also up and coming celebrities, all of which are looking to you for your fashion expertise. All you have to do is meet their requests (ex: a girly top, a bold outer layer, animal print shoes), and you’ll make a sale! These requests are intentionally vague, however, leaving plenty of room for interpretation of the client’s budget and personal taste, as well as your own eye for style.

I found this game to be a pleasant and endlessly entertaining experience. The main plot, which follows the careers of three major celebrities and several prominent townsfolk on their road to stardom, friendship or personal acceptance, was really well paced and well-written. And, being a fashion game, I found the clothing items to be incredibly chic and unique. Nintendo and Syn Sophia went out of their way to create a huge library of items for you to choose from, so no two outfits are ever the same, and the game doesn’t end after the story ends, either, so the possibilities really are endless.

Admittedly, the game does fall into the Nintendo-brand family friendly buffer, meaning none of the characters or clothing items are inherently sexualized, but I would argue that this is actually a great thing. For a game with as much replayability and depth as this series, they’re very careful to make sure that anyone and everyone can play and enjoy it guilt free. The only real setbacks to this game are the fact that you cannot play as a male character (though you can dress them too), and the classic cheesy, translated dialogue. The dialogue-skip button, however, is just one of many features that truly streamlines the game, making it one of the most efficient casual handheld games on the market.

It’s super fun, super cute, super streamlined and truly elegant in design, putting it leagues above most handheld titles when it comes to replayability and longevity. Shameless casual gaming at its finest.

Sarah Nowack is a senior professional writing major who is minoring in graphic design. Her days are spent haunting the local library, consuming copious amounts of coffee, playing unpopular video games, and making terrible puns. She can be found at @battlerouge on Twitter and @shiverbound on Instagram.


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