Games Your Phone Must Have

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Have fun while passing the time

Social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are probably all on our phones. Let’s be honest though, those apps can get old. You might find yourself switching between these three for hours on end, trying to keep yourself occupied while passing time. If you find yourself doing this and want to change things up, then you’re in luck!! Here’s a list of games in the app store that you should try to get rid of that boredom.

  1. Wordscapes

This game is highly addictive and will exercise your brain. It combines word searches and crosswords to create puzzles that get more challenging at each level. With over 5,000 puzzles, do you think you can beat them all?  


  1.  Helix Jump

This one-tap is extremely easy to learn. Test your skills and see if you can get the bouncing ball through the helix tower to reach the bottom. You might catch yourself playing for hours just trying to get through the level.


  1. Trivia Crack

Challenge your friends in one of the most popular trivia games on the market. Willy the wheel spinner will choose questions from six different categories and you have only 20seconds to answer. With hundreds of thousands of questions, you can test your abilities to see just how much you know.


  1.  Candy Crush Saga

This one might be a given, but this game is extremely addictive. With over a trillion puzzles the object of this game is to switch and match the Candies in order to move to the next level. You can even go up against friends to see who will end up with the top score. There’s also a daily booster wheel to win prizes that could potentially help you beat a level.


  1.  Panda Pop

The object of this game is to save your beloved baby pandas trapped inside bubbles that you have to pop because an evil baboon has kidnapped them. Each level gets more challenging and power-ups are offered to help beat each level. There are more than 2000 levels and you can connect to play against friends.

*All photo credits go to the games themselves and the App store*


Anastasia Niforos is a senior studying journalism and professional writing with a focus in media marketing and editing and publishing. You can always find her hanging out with friends or binge-watching “Game of Thrones.” She also enjoys working out, playing IM soccer and making playlists on Spotify.



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