Get Motivated with the Power of Music

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Lacking desire to do the things you have to? Listen to music.

With a new semester comes a new low in your motivation level. How can you possibly sit through another “get-to-know your classmates” game, let alone finish another semester full of homework, tests and lectures delivered in a Ben-Stein-like monotone? The power of music, that’s how! Let us at ing Magazine supply you with a near perfect, motivational playlist designed to propel you into a new semester brimming with hope. 


As you read along, listen to the playlist at the following link:


  1. “Texas Funeral” by Hop Along

Hey, who hasn’t been to a funeral in Texas? From Hop Along’s absolutely relentless second album, “Painted Shut,” this song’s power hooks and snappy snare-lines will launch you into this semester bobbing your head and stomping your foot. 


  1. “I Did Something Weird Last Night” by Jeff Rosenstock

Don’t worry, three out of four strangers you see on campus did something weird last night. Embrace your weirdness with Rosenstock and jump headlong into a new semester.


  1. “Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange Knowles

This is a great song with a stunning music video and important lyrics. Solange’s subtle wordplay and catchy rhythm section will lull you into a relaxed state of mind.


  1. “Train in Vain” by The Clash

If you’re starting this semester with a rough Valentine’s Day break-up, this is the song for you. Just spin this song a few dozen times and glean a little confidence and motivation in the fact that you’re not the only one “so alone you keep the wolves at bay.” Keep your head up and keep listening to the The Clash.


  1. “Security” by Ajax

For all you hardcore kids out there, we see you. What would a motivational playlist be if it didn’t include a song that was over 330 beats per minute and that’s on an “album” just under 10 minutes long? This song is best listened to when you’re on the fifth or sixth cup of coffee trying to cram for that test you have in 12 hours.


  1. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

A song with a title that speaks for itself, “Fight Song” will get you in the mood to do basically anything. Whether you need to finish a paper, go to the gym or pry yourself out of bed on a Monday morning, this song will surely help you do it.


  1. “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons

One of the better songs on their second album, Imagine Dragons’ “Warriors” is perfect for hyping up for Spartan basketball game days or for getting a start on preparing for midterms. 


  1. “Is She With You?” (Wonder Woman theme) by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL

There are no lyrics to this one, but it was hailed almost unanimously by critics and audiences alike for being one of the most outstanding aspects of 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman.” From the very first explosive note to the epic conclusion, you can feel the energy of this song pulse through your core and make you feel like you can do the impossible.


  1. “Whatsername” by Green Day

It’s the beginning of the new semester, so it’s time to begin anew. “Whatsername” will provide you with the motivation to move forward rather than focusing on the past.


  1. “America’s Sweetheart” by Elle King

A song that’s sure to make people of all genders want to break down barriers and be themselves, Elle King’s “America’s Sweetheart” preaches the concept of nonconformity to society’s predetermined ideals. In this new semester, be unique, be yourself.

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