Get Productive: A Self Help Guide to Managing Time

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February is National Time Management month which means it’s time to be productive. Lucky for you, ing is here to help you find exactly what you need! We’ve got a list of wonderful apps and tips to help you get your shit together.



Write it down: I mean it. Go get a notebook and write down all the tasks you need to do along with a due date. Class assignments, housework, social engagements, club meetings, everything to help you get an idea of how much you’ve got on your plate. Then rank them by priority and time consumption. Start with the ones with the closet due date and then work on the harder tasks to take care of.


Plan things out ahead of time: check the weather and set out your clothes, pack your bags and take a shower the night before. This saves so much time in the morning. When it comes to food, meal prep will be your BFF. Having your food already made frees up time to do other tasks.


Speaking of food, make sure you’re eating something healthy. And no, the small cubed carrots and peas in your instant ramen does not count. If all you’re eating is straight junk-food that’s going to drain your body of so much energy. You can’t get shit done if you’re too tired to even move.


Do things during transit. Instead of checking social media, read that book for class or listen to an audiobook while snacking.


APPS: Focus, Organize, & Hydrate


  • Forest– For those of us that often get distracted this is the perfect app; it prevents you from being distracted. Pick a tree and set the amount of time you don’t want to be distracted. If you use your phone or go to the site, your tree instantly dies.
  • Self Control/Stay Focused– These chrome apps block out distracting websites. The former will block the site for 24 hours, while the latter will only let you on a site for a limited amount of time.

  • Trello– Map out all your tasks in one place!

  • Spotify– A great way to stay focused is to listen to lyric-free songs.

  • Plant Nanny– This adorable app helps you with your water intake. For every cup of water, you drink the same amount of water your plants on the app also drink.

Don’t forget: Even though you’re busy, always try to make time for self-care!



Desharra Alexander-Self is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and minoring in Japanese. Some of the things she enjoys is Tumblr, Japanese/Korean media, video games, DIY beauty videos, free food and finding random things to be excited about (like sheep, mythology and Italian literature). You can follow her on social media under @Queen_Aelise.

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