Going Clubbin’ — Weird and Wonderful Organizations to Join at MSU

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Photo credit: Virginia Heinen

Many of us join clubs in order to make MSU feel smaller—and for good reason! But we certainly don’t know about all 900 clubs that the university has to offer. Here are a few unique and interesting clubs that our university has that you may have never heard of.



If you used to dream of going to Hogwarts and being a witch or wizard, you know about the legendary, high-intensity and made-up sport, Quidditch. Well, luckily for you, you can play the sport—sans flying brooms—amongst other Spartans and if you’re good enough, against other the varsity teams of other universities.  

There is a varsity team that competes in United States Quidditch league against other Universities. Everybody else will join teams that play one another here on MSU’s campus.

Similar to magical quidditch, muggle quidditch has three chasers, one keeper, two beaters, and a seeker.

All players run around with broomsticks in between their legs. Chasters pass volleyballs—aka “quaffles”— to one another and try to score into one of the three opposing team’s hoops. The keeper is a goalie, and the beaters throw dodgeballs—the “bludgers”—at the opposing team’s players. And, as we all know, the seeker’s job is to catch the golden snitch, who, in muggle quidditch is a player dressed in all yellow who is carrying a tennis ball in a sock in their pocket. In order to obtain the golden snitch, the seeker cannot touch the snitch runner when they grab the tennis ball from their pocket.

For the athletic and wanna-be wizards and witches, muggle quidditch might be for you.


Paranormal Society

MSU’s Paranormal Society is for those who are interested in investigating and learning about the paranormal world. They are known to go on trips to potentially haunted locations in Michigan and surrounding states.

In addition to discussing and researching paranormal happenings, the Paranormal Society also holds social gatherings, game nights and movie nights.

If you are interested in the paranormal world, movies and investigations, consider joining the Paranormal Society in the spring semester.



According to Smash MSU, their purpose is “to spread the good word and community of Super Smash Brothers.” Yes, you did read that correctly. A group here at MSU is devoted to playing Super Smash Brothers—a game in which some may call the most ambitious crossover event in history. The game was created by Nintendo, originally for Nintendo 64, but can now be played on the Nintendo Switch.

The club competes in online tournaments and against other universities. The rivalry of U of M and MSU is alive and well in the Smash community. So if you, like the members of the club, enjoy Super Smash Bros and the iconic U of M and MSU rivalry, consider joining their community.


Turfgrass Club
Did you know that MSU has a Turf Grass Club? A club designated to the artificial grass preferred by many sports fields and golf courses. That’s right. In fact, there is a whole minor at MSU designed to Turf Grass Management.

The club is more of a business-oriented, networking club than just a group that enjoys turfgrass. Even if you aren’t a turfgrass major, if you are interested in learning more about turf grass, reach out to the club!


If any of these unique clubs pique your interests, consider emailing the club or visiting their table at Sparticipation in the spring!


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