Happy Howl-O-Ween

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From haunted houses to scary movies, there is no wrong way to celebrate the Halloween season. However, creating a spooky spectacular costume is a timeless holiday tradition, even for our furry friends. This year ing Magazine decided to take a trip to Old Town for their Howl-O-Ween celebration, a great time for those who like to trick-or-treat or do tricks for treats. To get some costume inspiration, we took fashion notes from some super adorbs, festive four-legged friends; here are some of our favorites:


  1. This little jack-o-lantern who fully embraced being a pumpkin.

  1. This doggo who knows a classic witch hat will always get you a treat.

  1. Although these three look like bad dogs in jail, they’re 100% good pups. 10/10 convincing.

  1. This good girl who was so photogenic she didn’t even need to bring a costume.

  1. This big guy who has no interest in being a dragon but still knows he’s cute.

In addition to the cutest costume contest ever, Howl-O-Ween events also included pet (and human) trick-or-treating down Grand River Ave., and a “Yappy Hour” hosted by Preuss Pets. Whether you have two legs or four, this event makes for an un-fur-gettable Halloween.

Jessica Kukla is a senior studying professional writing and minoring in documentary production. Outside of class you’ll find her watching Project Runway and catching up on the latest episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR. You can follow her on Twitter at @jesskuks

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