How Soon is Too Soon to Talk the C-Word?

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It’s that time of the year again — fall is upon us. It’s officially time for us all to break out the cozy sweaters, drink apple cider by the gallon and dust off our (fake) skulls. There are so many fantastic things that come along with this drop in temperature, but it seems that some people are ready to deck their halls with boughs of holly instead of spiderwebs.


Yes, you thought you were getting ready for the slew of typical holidays that come with this time of year in the United States — Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then the winter holidays which for many includes Christmas. Somehow, though, with the turn of the leaves, we have skipped forward in time to just Christmas.


Why is that? Where have the days gone where we frolicked in leaf piles, gotten lost in the corn maze, and stuffed ourselves with cider donuts? It seems that every year, Santa Claus creeps up sooner and sooner, snatching our beloved turkey and pumpkins. A few weeks ago, I saw some Christmas decorations out in a store, and it was only September. Christmastime and other winter holidays are great for people coming together; they foster a sense of community that somehow isn’t felt the same way in the rest of the year. I get this, and I’m totally with you, but it shouldn’t cost us the other things we have to celebrate in the fall.


Now, I don’t want you to think I’m a Scrooge because the winter season is one of the best times of the year (my birthday is in January  ), but I do wish there was a separation between the holidays. As a fall season enthusiast and raised Michigander, I have always loved going apple picking and the beautiful fall colors. 


We need time to ease into the end of the year. We need to slow down and appreciate all of the wonderful things fall has to offer without bringing in the snow and ice, which comes plenty early anyway, in my opinion. I understand the excitement, but let’s make it through September and October and celebrate the start of the end of the year.


Sophie Schmidt is a senior studying Professional Writing with a minor in Asian Pacific American Studies. She hopes to work as an acquisitions editor in a publishing house, but might also end up writing your BuzzFeed quizzes. When she’s not in class, Sophie can be found curled up with her cat with her nose stuck in a book.