How to Avoid Social Outings

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Going out on the weekend can be fun—meeting friends, having a few drinks, unwinding and extinguishing any remaining stress from the week. But who says staying in can’t be just as fun or restorative? For those of us who prefer a nice glass of wine and a heated blanket over cheap tequila and the slippery floor at Rick’s, avoiding social outings can be a real chore. If you’re craving a night on the couch but don’t want to disappoint your friends, try our quick tips to get out of any event!

Fake sick. An oldie but a goodie. Especially with Michigan’s ever-changing climate, getting a “cold” is literally possible at any time. Put on a robe, rub your nose ‘til it’s red and FaceTime your crew with proof. Incorporating a fake stuffy nose and cough will certainly help your case. If you don’t find this method convincing enough, tell your friends that you’re having “stomach issues”; most people won’t ask you to elaborate. Only use this exit strategy like once a month, or your friends will definitely catch on.

Ignore your phone until the last minute. This classic never goes out of style. Just pretend that you didn’t see the message until it was too late, and you either made other plans or couldn’t possibly be ready on time. If you’re like me and forget to answer text messages all the time anyways, this tactic is hella believable.

Blame your significant other. This option only works if your S.O. is on board. Say that they’re feeling under the weather and you have to take care of them, or that they have plans to take you out. No matter what excuse you decide to use, you and your S.O. now have the freedom to enjoy the indoors.

It’s Harry Potter Weekend on Freeform
. Self-explanatory. If they’re truly your friends, they’ll understand; no questions asked.

Studying for an exam. If you and your friends are college students, they’ll totally relate to your last-minute study sesh right before an important exam. We all hate our school work, but you can use it to your advantage when you need an excuse to bail.

Blame your budget. Whether you’re low on funds or not, your friends don’t have to know the truth. Tell them that your electricity bill somehow went up an extra $200 this month and you really can’t afford to pay cover at 3 shitty bars in one night. This method is usually effective, but may inspire friends to offer to pay for you. If this happens, run.

We at ing hope you make good use of these fibs and make the most of your deserved time off. Go forth with your introverted self and enjoy your night in.  


Cassidy Johncox is a senior studying professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. When she isn’t working, you can find her reading, writing or playing video games (…mostly video games).

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