How to Enjoy a Darty

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With the weather getting warmer and the party culture at MSU strong, every weekend for the rest of the school year will be filled with dartys. A darty is a day-time party, although some people call it a dayger (day rager), but that’s just wrong. The best darties have happy music blaring, plenty of refreshments, and everyone is dressed in a jersey. Some darties even have slip n’ slides! While a day of drinking sounds great (for some), it can quickly go south if you aren’t dartying properly. To have a successful, enjoyable, darty just follow these tips.


Eat Breakfast

This one should go without saying, but it’s important to eat breakfast before you begin drinking. Try going for a carb-heavy meal like pancakes or a bagel. The food will absorb the alcohol you put into your body, and you’ll feel a lot better overall. While you’re at it, turn your breakfast into the perfect brunch by inviting your friends over for pancakes!


Wear a Fanny Pack

These waist pouches are coming back in style, especially in the festival scene. They’re perfect for a day of partying because it’s hands-free storage. The goodies that you could store in the fanny pack are endless! A travel-sized hand sanitizer, a pack of gum, some Motrin and your house keys will fit perfectly. If you can fit some sort of snack in, you get bonus points and you’ll automatically become everyone’s favorite person.


Layer Up

Since darties are usually held outside, it’s important to dress for the weather. This can be especially difficult living in Michigan. The best advice is to wear layers when you leave to go out. This could be a sweatshirt, a flannel, or quarter zip. It’ll keep you warm, but if the day starts to heat up you can take it off, wrap it around your waist, and cool down.


Drink Water

Like the breakfast tip, drinking water is a crucial step towards darty enjoyment. The water will help ward off headaches from dehydration, and keep you cool if the weather is hot. And no, as much as we’d love to wish drinking White Claw counts as drinking water, it does not!


Darties can be a fun way to spend a day outside with friends, but if you don’t take care of yourself throughout the day, you’ll regret it that night. Follow these simple steps to ensure a darty experience that is both enjoyable and safe.


Maggie Morgan is a junior majoring in Professional Writing with a concentration in Creative Writing. Hobbies include: spending all of her money on concert tickets, trying to convince Green Day to let her be their friend, geeking out about music history, dreaming of writing for Rolling Stone. You can follow her on instagram at @swaggie_.maggie.

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