How to Enjoy Spring—Even When it’s Raining

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Spring can be an unpredictable season in general, but it seems to be especially confusing in Michigan. The snow is almost completely behind us, but the grey skies and brisk winds aren’t quite yet. Snow turns to sleet, then turns to rain, and we’re all trapped inside trying not to get too stir crazy. There are days that you can get away with shorts, while other days require a sweater, your scarf, and a hat. This season of transition can feel long, so it’s important to find some activities to fill the time as you wait for the days of sunshine that are just around the corner!


First thing’s first, you need to sit quietly and listen to all the beautiful sounds the rain brings. After you find a comfy chair by the window, take out your headphones, turn off the TV and computer and phone, and simply listen for a moment. There’s a reason you can sleep better when it’s raining. And if you really take a minute to think about it, rain is an insane concept. Isn’t it amazing that gallons of individual raindrops are falling from clouds miles above my head? The earth is crazy.


Now that you’re all cozy, quiet, and not staring at a screen, it’s the perfect time to read a book! PSA: getting a library card is super easy. If you don’t feel like waiting for that two-day Amazon shipping, the MSU library or the East Lansing Public Library have huge collections of books readily available to borrow. Whatever you like to read, a rainy day is a perfect time to read it.


After all this quiet listening and reading, you’ve got to be getting hungry! Well, the good news is the return of spring means fruits and veggies are coming back in season. They’re becoming more accessible to your grocery store, which means they are much cheaper than in the dead of winter. Eating healthy has never been so easy! Try making a fancy smoothie, a yogurt, granola, and fruit bowl, or simply snack from the carton. With cheaper greens comes more salads and healthy sides.


After your healthy spring snack, you probably feel very energized! Also, at this point in the day, you’re probably sick of finding things to do inside. If you prepare properly, you can burn off that energy with a nice walk, jog, or bike ride in the rain. Wear the right gear for your activity, bright colors so that you’re easily visible to those driving, and enjoy yourself! Remember when you used to splash around in puddles as a kid? Who said you had to give that up a decade or so later?

I know that spring in Michigan is so weird, but I have to admit that I love it. I love to wear rain jackets and splash around outside, and I love to get cozy inside and listen to the rain. Spring also invites all the plants and wildlife to finally wake up after a winter of hiding. There’s nothing like finding the first patch of wildflowers, moss, and mushrooms; that pop of color and hint of green after months and months of icy white makes me feel instantly and overwhelmingly excited for longer days and warmer nights, and for all my favorite spring and summer activities to finally return. So if you have had trouble giving spring in Michigan a chance, I hope you can change your perspective and find new ways to enjoy it!


Lauren Utykanski enjoys blueberry green tea, the farmer’s market, and travelling. They told her olympic dog walking doesn’t exist yet, so instead she decided to study Professional Writing with a minor in Museum Studies. Keep up with her on Instagram at @laurenuty.

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