How to Escape the Heat in East Lansing

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It’s summer in Michigan, and the humidity and 80+ degree weather are officially taking their toll. And you know what’s even worse? I don’t have air conditioning. Like many others who are not blessed with controlled temperature living, I’m stuck dying of heat, lying naked on my bedroom floor, surrounded by box fans and feeling hopeless. A reasonable person can only take so much of this, so I’ve decided that it’s time to get creative. Here are some ways you can beat the heat this summer!

Put your bedsheets in the freezer.

I always struggle to fall asleep in blistering heat. A trick I’ve learned is stuffing your bedsheets in your freezer a few hours before bed. That way, they’ll be ice cold when you’re ready to sleep! The trickiest part of this is falling asleep before your overheated, sweaty body warms the sheets up again.

Sneak into a nearby pool, or pay just $3 to swim in the MSU pool.

There are a few hidden pools around town that are technically reserved for “residents of that complex,” but really, who’s to know you don’t live there too? Simply act confident and no one will question you. If you’re too nervous to try that, you can also pay a measly $3 to swim in the MSU pool outside of IM West.

Jump into one of the many oddly blue fountains in East Lansing.

Honestly, it’s gotten so hot that even the electric blue fountains around East Lansing look refreshing and relaxing. Even the bluest of them all: the one outside of Espresso Royale and MSUFCU. Go on, jump in. Onlookers may gawk but it’s only because they’re awed that you had the courage to do what everyone else wanted to do!

Wait for a really rainy day and then jump around in the flooded baseball field.

Remember when the Red Cedar flooded so badly last semester that you couldn’t even walk by the baseball field on the river trail? Back then we weren’t even thinking about splashing around in that water, but now it’s 90 degrees out with 90% humidity and that water is calling your name. After the next rainstorm, grab your bikini because it’s time to chill at third base!

Literally jump into any part of the Red Cedar, because you’re so desperate to cool off that you forget about all the tiny, weird bugs you found in your ISS water quality class.

Almost every MSU student has done a water quality experiment on various locations on the Red Cedar; it’s practically a rite of passage. We’ve all seen the tiny, floating grubs in that water that supposedly indicate that the river is healthy (whatever you say, Dr. Science), and those weird little bugs definitely deterred you from jumping in before. But if you’ve tried all the other tricks and you still can’t beat the East Lansing heat, the only option you have left is to dive into that green/brown water.


So give those tricks a try, and you just might beat the heat. If you find any other great methods, be sure to share them with us here at ing on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. There’s nothing like summer in East Lansing!


Lauren Utykanski enjoys blueberry green tea, the farmer’s market, and traveling. They told her Olympic dog walking doesn’t exist yet, so instead, she decided to study Professional Writing with a minor in Museum Studies. Keep up with her on Instagram at @laurenuty.

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