How to get out of Sad Boi Hours

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Defined by Urban Dictionary, sad boi hours are “when you’re especially sad for no particular reason other than life.” Every now and then (more often for some) we experience sad boi hours. Maybe you had a stressful week and found yourself in sad boi hours. Or maybe it’s late at night and you are alone and awake in your bed pondering your existence. Either way, we’ve all experienced sad boi hours, which is why I’ve come up with my favorite ways to stop being a sad boi.

Go for a walk outside

Weather and time of day permitting, go out and take a walk outside. I find that just being in the fresh air and getting my body moving helps me out of whatever funk I am in. Especially if it’s nice out, make use of all the sunshine while you still can, as winter is quickly approaching! The clean, fresh surroundings will help to clear out whatever has got you bummed out or down. 

Eat your favorite dessert

My go-to meal when I’m feeling a little down is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. The sweet flavors taste so good that most of the time I forget what I’m even sad about by the time I’m done. Comfort food can be a real thing for some people, so maybe take a cheat day or splurge on a fancy ice cream to cheer yourself up. 

Listen to happy, upbeat pop music

Pop songs have an undeniable beat that is sure to make you feel better simply by hearing it. Although it is tempting to turn on sad music when you are sad to feel even more sad, try the opposite. Turn the volume up on a good Spotify pop playlist and maybe try moving around your room. No one is watching, so bust out every dance move you have. Or, sing along to your favorite pop anthems while you dance. My favorite playlists for this mood is “Pop Bops” or “Energy Booster” on Spotify.

Take a break from social media

A hard task for some, but try deleting your social media apps off of your phone for a few days. The constant viewing of social media, whether it is problematic tweets, racist Facebook posts from conservative relatives, or Instagram models with unrealistic pictures, can be pretty unhealthy on one’s mental health. I find that unplugging from the platforms can give you some time to think for yourself, and not worry about what everyone else is doing at all times of the day. 

Turn on a funny YouTube video 

The content on YouTube today is truly comedic gold. Channels like Cody Ko, Noel Miller and Shane Dawson are guaranteed to make you crack a smile at the very least, if not get you out of you sad boi hours completely. Or, watch a compilation of your favorite vines to cheer you up. Either way, there’s something on YouTube to make your day a little brighter.

Call up a friend to hang out

Sometimes your friends are the few people that can pull you out of your sad boi hours. Maybe try calling them up when you’re feeling down, even if you don’t want to. It is tempting sometimes to want to stay alone in your own feelings, but being around other people, especially friends, can cheer you up a bit. And even if it doesn’t work, at least you got to spend time with your friends for a little while instead of being sad for hours on end.  


Gabrielle White is a senior English and professional writing student minoring in women and gender studies. While preparing to leave MSU, she is working on her senior thesis as well as developing a plan for the world outside of East Lansing. Currently, that plan includes a career path in editing and publishing, as well as the possibility of grad school. Her favorite escapism methods from adult responsibilities are listening to her carefully curated Spotify playlists, reading Slyvia Plath, watching her favorite Youtubers, and daydreaming about London and New York City. To see her obsess over these topics more follow her on instagram @ggwhite98.