How to still feel like a Spartan in the Summer

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Summertime in East Lansing is absolutely beautiful; vegetation on campus is in bloom, and there are literally thousands fewer people around. The traffic is lighter, the air is quieter, and it feels like a new, peaceful world.

There’s one problem, though: it’s hard to feel like a Spartan during the summer. Sure, you’re still taking classes and sure, you still take strolls on campus…but it just isn’t the same. With fewer sports games and parties to attend, feeling of being a Spartan is missing from this season.

To help you get by during the summer, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to still feel like a Spartan:

  • Stand in line at Rick’s on a Friday night. Even if there is no line, just stand there until around 11 p.m. It’ll remind you of all those cold nights you spent waiting, just to get inside and wait another 10 minutes for a drink. The bouncer might think you’re crazy, but you’ll feel like it’s any other fall Friday.
  • Visit the dairy store and get a scoop of sesquicentennial ice cream. The green and white swirled scoop in your cone should help you feel at peace again.
  • Pull an all-nighter at the main library and order delivery from Jimmy Johns. You probably don’t have any pressing homework to do, but kick back with a book and relax in those not-so-comfortable rolly chairs.
  • Paint the rock and camp outside next to it all night. No one is going to paint over it, but just to be sure.
  • Do about 14 laps around campus in search of a parking spaceeven though there are tons of spots available. What better way to make summer feel like winter again?
  • Hang outside of Wells in hopes of spotting the Wells Hall Preacher. Even if he doesn’t come and annoy you, at least you can grab some Starbucks.


Cassidy Johncox is a senior studying professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. When she isn’t working, you can find her reading, writing, or playing video games (…mostly video games).

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