Ing’s Year in Sports — So Far

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Sports season is in full swing. The MLB World Series is ending while football and hockey season finally get to the good parts. Teams are starting to show what they truly are – contender or pretender – and playoffs are coming up quickly. If you aren’t a sports fan or just behind on what is happening across each league, here is a quick guide to what you’ve missed and what you should know.


The Boston Red Sox and the LA Dodgers face off in the World Series with the Red Sox already taking a commanding 2-0 lead. Their wins doubling the scores of the Dodgers for each game. If that doesn’t make sense to you, here’s what you need to know to make sense of everything that happened.

Baseball Is The Best of Seven Series

This post is written before the end of the series, but it’s a strong guess that the Red Sox will win based on their performance.

UPDATE: Since the time of writing the Boston Red Sox have won the 2018 World Series.

When teams get to the playoffs, they play a minimum of four games. This is because the world series is planned for seven games, and the team that wins the most takes home the trophy. Once a team gets to four wins, the other team can not beat them and they are declared the winner.

The Red Sox Were A Strong Favorite

Coming into the World Series, the lowest amount of points the Sox scored was two, which was their loss to the Astros. Every other game saw them score at least four points, with three games breaking the seven-point mark. Compared to the Dodgers, whose highest point total was five with three games scoring less than that, it’s understandable why they were throttled in both early games of the World Series.


Detroit fans don’t have a ton to talk about positively when it comes to the NHL. The Red Wings are in the middle of a rebuild. As of October 28, they are 2-6-2 (2 wins, 6 losses and 2 losses in overtime) and are facing an uphill battle with little optimism for them making the playoffs. The next worse team, the Florida Panthers, sit at 2-3-3 and it only gets worse from there with the conference-leading Maple Leafs sitting at 7 wins and 3 losses. Basically, if you’re a Detroit Hockey fan, it’s going to be a rough year for you.


There’s a little more to be excited about here than the NHL. 2018 has been a weird and crazy year for football. A ton of trades have gone down, teams are performing way worse (or better) than anyone thought they would and everything seems upside down at the moment.

The Lions have lost to the Jets and the Cowboys, two subpar teams, but have managed to beat the Packers and the Patriots, both of which have a hall of fame quarterback at the top of their game. Beyond that, the Browns are playing well but still losing. The Giants have given up on the season and are beginning to trade their players away. Le’veon Bell (from MSU) still has not played a game while waiting for a contract and Jon Gruden, a sports broadcaster who had not coached in ten years, was given the job of taking the Raiders to the playoffs.

That did not happen, and the Raiders are beginning to trade anything and everything they can in order to stockpile draft picks. Of the 32 first round picks in 2019’s draft, they own three of them.

Basically, nobody knows what’s going to happen this year. There are some really good teams that are playing poorly, some really bad teams that are playing well and a few teams that are parting with star players for pennies on the dollar.

Those are the most important facts to keep in mind. Baseball season is now over, the NHL doesn’t really matter much and the NFL is unpredictable in the best of ways.


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