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Stephen King returns to the big screen and he’s not clownin’ around

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You’ll be checking for monsters under your bed, in your closet and now in every storm drain this fall. Halloween is coming early this year as the remake of Stephen King’s It creeps through the sewers and into theaters September 8. Unfortunately for anyone who suffers from coulrophobia, you’ll have to shield your eyes for a bit longer, as this revamp will be a two-parter. For those who haven’t yet braved the original novel or film, the plot centers around small town Derry, Maine, where children are disappearing one by one. Seven kids, united by their disturbing encounters with a wicked clown, form the Losers’ Club and pledge to defeat It together. The first film in the installment will revolve around the Losers’ Club and the other children who have gone missing, while the second film will be from the adult’s’ point of view. This is a side of the story we haven’t heard yet, so even long-time fans will have something new to look forward to.

Tim Curry first started terrorizing residents of Derry as Pennywise the clown in 1986, and though he won’t be returning this time around, horror lovers can breathe knowing this cast and crew are just as spook-tacular. Bill Skarsgård has big clown shoes to fill as 2017’s Pennywise, but given his starring role in Netflix’s original horror series Hemlock Grove, he’s well prepared to wreak havoc on the small town. Finn Wolfhard, who plays four-eyed Loser’s Club member Richie Tozier, is no stranger to the thriller genre after his starring role in Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things. Jack Grazer previously appeared in 2015’s horror-comedy Tales of Halloween, and will return to the big screen as asthma-ridden, hypochondriac Losers’ Club member Eddie Kaspbrak. The script has also been touched by some evil hands, as it was written by Gary Dauberman—the same twisted mind that gave us Annabelle, the scariest doll since Chucky. If this isn’t enough to convince you 2017’s It will be equally as scream-inducing as the first, head ghoul himself Stephen King has already seen the film and agrees you’ll be sleeping with the lights on for awhile (and after his public displeasure with Stanley Kubrick’s movie version of “The Shining,” we can be sure he isn’t saying this just for show).

The production of It’s remake is its own horror story, as several members of the cast and crew abandoned the project. Cary Fukunaga previously directed the film, but disengaged after creative differences with other production members. The departure of Fukunaga also prompted the exit of Will Poulter, original actor for 2017’s Pennywise. At one point, Stephen King even tweeted, “The remake of IT may be dead–or undead–but we’ll always have Tim Curry. He’s still floating down in the sewers of Derry.” Thankfully of for horror lovers, production picked back up with a new cast and crew who are confident the remake will be the stuff of dreams… or nightmares.

If you happen to come across a red balloon this fall, you can try to run, you can try to hide, but nowhere is really safe from Pennywise. Even if you lose your beloved paper boat, try to stay away from the sewers… We all float down there.



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