Local Breweries Highlight: Lansing Brewing Company

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All photos taken by Grant Montague.

The ’90s were good times to live in Lansing. I’m talking about the 1890s where the auto industry was thriving and the state capital was one of the places at the center of it. People from all over flocked to Lansing for manufacturing jobs, which required grueling hours. Often these people became thirsty after a long days work, which is where the Lansing Brewing Company came into the picture. Opening its doors in 1898, Lansing Brewing served quality beer to the city until it was shut down in 1914 due to impending prohibition laws.

Luckily, the story doesn’t end there. After a century’s absence, the LBC brand resurfaced and the company began brewing once more. Located on East Shiawassee Street, the brewery features a full restaurant in its giant warehouse. The building features rustic and modern elements that culminate in a laid-back atmosphere where you can play cornhole with your friends while you wait for a table.

But let’s talk about the beer — it’s good. Ranging from several different types from the traditional Amber Cream Ale, which they served back in the twentieth century, to Angry Mayor, an IPA and my personal favorite, to Saiko Himitsu, a Japanese rice lager. With over a dozen current options, there’s something on tap for every beer lover. The taps are constantly rotating as well, as LBC has brewed over 50 different beers since they opened in 2015. You can also pick up a can of their beer at Meijer as well.

The kitchen at LBC is also high quality. The menu offers unique takes on comfort foods such as their wonton nachos or pesto mac and cheese. There are plenty of options to choose from if you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach.

LBC offers a taste of the glory days of our state capital. With a fun atmosphere and plenty to drink and eat, Lansing Brewing Company is a must-try for any Michigander.


Ean Montague is a junior majoring in professional writing and minoring in film studies. Outside of his studies, he enjoys soccer, rock music, sleeping, and breakfast food. He also edits content on the website for the Impact student radio station.

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