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Before this summer, I thought podcasts were for old people – that they were plain old talk shows about absolutely nothing relevant to my life. Maybe we’re all becoming old and boring, but podcasts are on the up and up right now. Whether you’re on your way to work or just walking along, podcasts are a great way to help pass the time.


Since it can be boring and annoying to listen to an episode or two to see if you really like it, I have decided to make a list of fan-favorite podcast recommendations with the description of a typical episode so you don’t have to listen to 45 minutes of something you end up hating and never listening to again. 


So, here it goes: 


Crime Junkie

I am addicted to this podcast. Each week, childhood besties Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat tell us all the gory details of true crime committed across America. The coolest part? Their podcasts have lead to breaks in 30+ year old cases. Trust me, you’ll become a junkie, too.  


Call Her Daddy

Follow the lives of Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklin, two 20-somethings living their “best lives” in NYC. If you’re looking for a podcast like Sex in the City that’s about sex and love, relationships, or just life in general, this is your go-to. 


Pardon My Take 

If you’re looking for sports commentary, this one is for you. Listen to PFT and Big Cat talk all about the sport of the season in an obnoxious manner to say the least. If you’re looking for updates.


The Morning Toast

Listen to sisters Claudia, Jackie (and sometimes Margo Oshry) give you “the fast five stories you need to know before waking up and taking a bite of your morning toast”. The podcast covers everything from current events to celebrity drama. Claudia being a comedian, and Jackie’s blunt commentary let them spill the tea while making you giggle. 



Ever wondered the meaning behind some of your favorite songs? Now you can find out! Cole Cuchna will walk through the song line-by-line explaining what each word or tune means. If he doesn’t go line-by-line, he will do a quick but thorough analysis of the entire song’s meaning. 



New York Times best-selling author Rachel Hollis hosts RISE, a podcast inspiring personal growth. She holds serious conversations with business owners and leaders to empower her listeners to change the future. If you need a pick-me-up, this podcast is for you.


Bridget Bartos is a senior studying media marketing journalism with a double minor in public relations and graphic design. With her love for writing and public speaking, she hopes to work in public relations or marketing after graduation. Along with her love for writing, she enjoys art, photography, and social media. Speaking of which, follow her on Instagram @bridgetbart or on twitter @bridget_bartos.