“Magic 8-Ball, How Will My New Year’s Eve End?”

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The day has come again to plan what may be some of your most memorable nights ever; and while a few of us may be looking forward to gift giving and coma-inducing dinners, we’re more excited about the after party—New Year’s Eve. Whether you will spend NYE with your loved ones, among a crowd of people awaiting the ball-drop, or huddled in the theatre to see the long-awaited Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the ing staff wants to make sure  your night is one for the books. Still not sure how you want to celebrate the holiday? Take our quiz and we’ll give you NYE plans tailored to your taste.

1.)   Your friend texts you and asks if you want to go out to a crazy NYE party with them. How do you respond?

  1.     Bet! You’re down for any party as long as you’re surrounded by close friends and loud music.
  2.     You’re torn between other plans and don’t want to commit just yet, so you give a simple “maybe”.
  3.     As tempting as the party sounds, this NYE you want to devote some quality time to your family.
  4.     You see the message on your lock screen, proceed to turn off the phone and head back to sleep.

2.)   You decide to treat yourself to your favorite food. What meal do you chose?

  1.     Breakfast for dinner – the dinner of champions.
  2.     Seared scallops served on top of a saffron-infused risotto to start, and finish with a confit duck leg served with roasted pears and…that’s way too much work. Never mind, you’re just going to order Chinese food.
  3.     Taco bar night! You made too much food and decide to share the wealth with all your friends.
  4.      Is beer considered a meal?

3.)   How would you describe a typical morning for you?

  1.     Nothing wakes you up faster than the thought of a hearty breakfast. You wake up when you’re hungry and don’t talk to anyone until after you’ve had your coffee.
  2.     Your mornings consist of dreadful 8 am labs or lectures because you thought you were a morning person and wanted to try to ‘get on track’ with your classes, but realized you were very wrong.
  3.     You always wake up from crazy dreams, which you then proceed to spend the morning deciphering, just to forget all of it by noon.
  4.     Waking up no earlier than 12:00pm because any time before that is just ridiculous.

4.)   Your friends invite you to a board game night. How do you respond?

  1.     You politely decline the offer and say board games aren’t your thing.
  2.     Are we talking charades, Taboo, Risk, or Settlers of Catan? Either way you’re making everyone play them all.
  3.     You’re down as long as it’s not Monopoly, the easiest way to ruin friendships.
  4.     Board game night? A Mario Party night sounds way better.

5.)   Quick, this suddenly became a multiple-choice question in which you don’t know the answer to. Which letter would you usually guess?

  1.     A
  2.     Blue-you know you’re not going to get it right anyways.
  3.     It’s always C
  4.     Circle D because you’ve been circling C for the past 10 questions.

6.)   Pick your poison.

  1.     Tequila shots
  2.     Beer
  3.     Wine
  4.     Scotch

7.)   What is your favorite thing about NYE?

  1.     Fireworks, lots of fireworks!
  2.     Being the 1% that makes, and commits to, a New Year’s resolution.
  3.     Spending time with friends!
  4.     Having deep reflective talks about your past year and what you’ve learned.

8.)   Which of the following New Year’s resolutions could you see yourself making?

  1.     Going to the gym more, or even start going to the gym.
  2.     Improve your time management skills to try to get a hold on your life because the year was too stressful.
  3.     Making more time to be there for your friends.
  4.     Resolutions do not work with you.

9.)   What outfit do you plan on wearing for NYE?

  1.     The best-looking outfit you can find and have already planned  the day before.
  2.     A straight black suit or dress with dark shades. No questions asked.
  3.     Whatever you first see when you look in your closet.
  4.     Your comfiest pajamas. It’s going to be a good night.


If mostly A: A Legendary Night…I think

Everything that day was blurry. You’ll wake up in the middle of a random apartment with all your best friends. The room is trashed and you’re glad it’s not your mess. However, you realize there’s a wild chicken in the room with a name collar that says “Jeff” and the number 42 was marked on the palm of your hand. What does it all mean?

If mostly B:  Spontaneous vacation

Your friends arrived at your apartment that morning and you all took a road trip. In the final moments before the New Year, you’re on the balcony of the Airbnb you booked for the night overlooking the city and yell “cheers!” as you all raise your drinks to the sky.

If mostly C: Surrounded by Your Loved Ones

It didn’t matter where you are, just who you were with. As the New Year began, you found yourself at a potluck surrounded by your closest friends, sharing laughs on the living room floor. You’re grateful for every single person in that room.

If mostly D: Huddled in Your Bed

You had prepared for this. You wrapped yourself in a blanket burrito alone in your fortress of solitude. While everyone is out braving the snow, you’re binge watching every show you’ve been putting off for the past year and you have all your favourite snacks piled high beside you. You’d pat yourself on the back for treating yourself so well, but you’re too comfortable to move.


Ngai Lum (Ben) Neoh is a senior double majoring in psychology and kinesiology pursuing a career in sport psychology. However, he is a firm advocate on finding multiple passions, especially those that are expressive. If he’s not running around MSU’s campus, you can find him sneakily obsessing over pictures of pugs.

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